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Urijah Faber definitely interested in T.J. Dillashaw fight now that it’s an even playing field

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Now that Urijah Faber has returned from retirement there are plenty of potential opponents awaiting him including a former teammate turned enemy.

“The California Kid” once touted T.J. Dillashaw as the future of the sport after recruiting him to join Team Alpha Male out of college and he helped build the former “Ultimate Fighter” finalist into one of the best bantamweights in the world.

The professional marriage began to dissolve after Dillashaw opted to continue training under head coach Duane “Bang” Ludwig following his exit from Team Alpha Male. Dillashaw eventually decided to leave the team entirely after he was offered a financial stipend to begin training full time in Colorado.

While that situation ended up being short term, the bridge between Dillashaw and Faber was already burned and the two fighters ended up as bitter rivals.

Right now, Dillashaw is sitting out on suspension until 2021 after testing positive for EPO following his loss to Henry Cejudo back in January. He relinquished his bantamweight title and faced a two-year sanction for the failed drug test.

For his part, Faber didn’t initially want to deal with the turmoil surrounding a fight with Dillashaw but now that he’s back from retirement, it seems that is a matchup that would definitely interest him.

“I mean the only reason it interests me is because I think there’s probably some money involved in that fight,” Faber said during a Q&A with fans ahead of UFC Vancouver. “For a long time I didn’t want to deal with the drama of the whole thing and it didn’t sound enticing to me.

“I was close with his family and what not, especially at the beginning of this. I don’t really feel like I know the guy, or I do know him, a fight with him would be a good one.”

As much as he would enjoy fighting Dillashaw now, Faber isn’t going to sit around and wait for the former champion to make his return to action before fighting again.

Faber has already stated that he would like his shot at reigning bantamweight champion Henry Cejudo and sitting on the sidelines until early 2021 just to face Dillashaw isn’t on his agenda.

That said, Faber would be more than happy to welcome Dillashaw back once he’s cleared to compete again.

“As far as waiting around, I’m not really the waiting around type for anything but we’ll see what happens,” Faber said. “He’ll be off the PED’s (performance enhancing drugs) when he comes back and I’ll be 42 so that should even things out.”