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UFC Copenhagen video: Ovince Saint Preux pulls off fourth Von Flue choke submission

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Ovince Saint Preux
Ovince Saint Preux
Esther Lin, MMA Fighting

Ovince Saint Preux might have just cemented a name change for his signature submission after pulling off his fourth Von Flue choke in the UFC on Saturday in Denmark.

The former interim light heavyweight title contender was in need of a win after dropping his last two fights in a row, and Saint Preux delivered while wrapping up the submission many are now calling the “Von Preux choke” in the second round to finish Michal Oleksiejczuk.

“It’s good. It’s my go-to move,” Saint-Preux said about his latest submission win. “For some reason everyone always gives it to me.”

The fight got off to a bit of a rough start for the former University of Tennessee football player with Oleksiejczuk on the attack as soon as he was released from the corner. Again and again, the Polish light heavyweight came after him with a barrage of punches, showing speed and aggressiveness as he looked to overwhelm his larger opponent.

Saint Preux never got flustered and instead just settled back and bided his time until he saw an opening for a well-timed takedown in the second round.

From there, Saint Preux wasted no time locking down Oleksiejczuk’s arm as he began driving his shoulder into his opponent’s neck to set up the finish. Trapped against the cage with Saint Preux’s weight bearing down on him, Oleksiejczuk had no choice but to tap out from the pressure of the submission.

The end came at 2:14 into the second round.

While he had suffered through some tough losses in his recent fights, Saint Preux proved once again that he’s going to be a tough out for anybody in the light heavyweight division, especially those fighters trying to crack the top 10 rankings.