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Morning Report: T.J. Dillashaw: I think it would be very dumb for Henry Cejudo not to fight Joseph Benavidez

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Danny Segura, MMA Fighting

If feels like a lifetime ago, but earlier this year, T.J. Dillashaw was caught taking EPO and suspended by USADA for two years. It was a monumental occurrence that came on the heels of Dillashaw getting knocked out by Henry Cejudo in his bid for two-weight glory. As a result of the failed drug test, Dillashaw is now suspended until 2021, but though he’s not allowed to compete for the moment, the former bantamweight champion hasn’t lost his edge.

Speaking to Chael Sonnen recently, Dillashaw discussed his feelings towards current bantamweight champion Henry Cejudo, admitting that his loss to Cejudo still bothers him, and as a result, means he still has beef with “Triple C”.

“Probably not,” Dillashaw said when asked if he’d even so much as greet Henry Cejudo should he see him in public. “I definitely have some animosity towards myself, towards the sport, towards just everything. So it’s probably one of those things where I definitely wouldn’t say hello.

“I have some enemies that are definitely going to stay my enemies for the rest of my life and I wouldn’t say it’s because he is a sh*t talker, it’s more just the way he carries himself. It’s just something that I want back; not so much because he’s bad-mouthed or treated me a certain way, it’s just something that is burning inside of me, to get my belt back, to get that win back, to get back to where I need to be to get this thing behind me.”

When Cejudo knocked out Dillashaw at UFC on ESPN 1, he didn’t not directly win the bantamweight title, but he might as well have. Cejudo began immediately angling for a rematch at bantamweight and that may well have happened, except Dillashaw was caught using EPO. Dillashaw willingly relinquished his title before he could be stripped, and then Cejudo fought Marlon Moraes for the vacant 135 pound belt, winning the title and becoming only the fourth ever “champ-champ” in UFC history.

That second title has created some issues for Cejudo though. The champion is currently recovering from injury and seems to be less inclined to defend his flyweight title, instead chasing down fights against Frankie Edgar, Jose Aldo, Dominick Cruz, and, head-scratchingly, a number of the UFC’s female champions. All of that though gives short shrift to the flyweight No. 1 contender Joseph Benavidez who has won three fights in a row and is the only man to hold an unavenged loss over Cejudo. Benavidez has been calling for a fight with Cejudo and has recently intimated that should Cejudo opt to defend his bantamweight title instead, the UFC may strip him of the flyweight championship, but Dillashaw thinks that would be a mistake on Cejudo’s part.

“I think it would be very dumb for Cejudo not to fight Joseph Benavidez,” Dillashaw said. “That’s his last loss, that’s a fight that he has to make up. I think Joseph Benavidez has a great threat against him as well. I think that’s the fight that needs to happen, and he can’t be calling himself ‘Triple C’ no more if he’s going to be giving up a belt. So he needs to go down there and get it done and fight Joseph Benavidez. I think that’s the next fight for him. It makes the most sense. It’s the biggest draw. It’s a fight that was close, but Joseph did edge that fight out.”

Benavidez and Cejudo had a contentious battle in a three-round fight in 2016 which saw Benavidez narrowly get his hand raised, a decision many disagreed with at the time. Nevertheless, Benavidez won the fight and since then Cejudo has shown little interest in rematching the consensus second-greatest flyweight in history, suggesting that he may well be done with the division. And if he is? Dillashaw doesn’t have any idea who he should fight next, because he’s been too busy refocusing his life so he can come back better than ever when his suspension is finally lifted.

“To be honest, other than me coaching my guys here, I’ve tried to purposely stay out of the fights and what’s going on,” Dillashaw said. “I’ve been trying to focus on my businesses, my son, my life. I’m getting myself together.”


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For the last 2 years, I’ve been dealing with a Scapholunate ligament tear in my wrist. Depending how bad you let the injury get can weaken/affect your grip strength, reduces the weight you can lift, the pressure you can put on it, and over time gets extremely painful to do daily activities, like washing my back and my ass! - I kept pushing through the injurys’ limits and telling the doctors that I would be fine with not getting surgery. ‍♀️ Recently I was offered a HUGE fight, so I was going to push the limits again, despite having less strength than my left hand (I’m right-handed) to fight the legend, Frankie “The Answer” Edgar, at @thegarden!! - Unfortunately, the NYSAC wouldn’t approve me in time to fight at home for Nov. 2nd. Although the wrist pain got significantly worse from fighting Pedro Munhoz, I was really disappointed, but recognized that maybe this was Gods plan for me. I’ve been searching for clarity or a sign...maybe this was it... Either way, I was ready to risk it all again for a dream come true fight against a legend in my hometown!! I risked it before, right? So why not do it again, as my homecoming to FINALLY fight at home?! - That was my mindset and sometimes us fighters are our worst enemies. Us fighters NEVER fight at 100% anyway, which is why we are, who we are that live this life and do crazy shit that we do! All for a moment of glory, that could last a LIFETIME! Thank you to @seanshelby @danawhite and everyone on the @UFC medical team for taking care of me. And my manager, Lloyd, and girlfriend @rebeccacruise for coming and being here for me • #FunkStillGotNext! #RoadToRecovery #Surgery #Scapholunate #Ligament #UFC #ESPN #DrHotchkiss #NYC #HSS #LookAtTheFlickOfThatWrist #MSG #TheWeeklyScraps

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Scott Coker holding court.

Andrade lost one belt but gained another.

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Vamos lá.... ontem foi o dia mais feliz e histórico na minha trajetória no jiu-jítsu, Como todos sabem eu iniciei minha carreira no Jiu-jítsu há 9 anos atrás, cheguei na @prvaletudo faixa branca não sabia nem dar um rolamento direito, e o mestre @gilliardparana me ensinou tudo com sua paciência e didática e principalmente persistência, porque eu não sou uma aluna que aprende rápido as coisas, e quando estreitamos no @ufc eu era uma faixa azul, e em meio a vida de lutar MMA o mestre sempre me fazia lutar jiu-jítsu, porque treinamos todo dia, aos poucos fui evoluindo lutando com garotas duras, a regra era sempre a mesma, o mestre Diz “Se for para o Mundial e ganhar 4 lutas troca de faixa” e eu como sou muito fominha de medalha ia todos os anos no mundial, há 4 anos sou campeã mundial da CBJJE na minha categoria e no absoluto, Quando ele me graduou faixa marrom ele disse agora a responsabilidade dobrou em filhinha, isso entrou na minha mente de forma tão intensa que amadureci em todos os quesitos da minha profissão, a faixa marrom me fez crescer, como um adolescente que passa para a fase adulta. E no ano seguinte estava eu lá no mundial dessa vez de faixa marrom, e aí fui campeã mundial na minha categoria e no absoluto faixa marrom fazendo 7 lutas no total, quando fui subir no pódio mestre me abraçou e eu disse; “Mestre não quero a faixa preta agora não” aí ele disse; “Então vamos fazer um combinado, você vai ser a faixa preta mais sinistra que existe, comece desde já a competir todos os campeonatos de marrom e quando completar 100 medalhas na marrom você se tornará faixa preta!” Eu competi muito mas não consegui as 100 medalhas, Domingo fui para o Brasileiro da CBJJ como vocês sabem, perdi minha categoria, mas ganhei o absoluto que é o mais difícil, e foi uma grande prova para meu mestre de que eu estava pronta, como sempre ele sabe fazer esses momentos especiais, o treino de ontem ele falou umas palavras que emocionaram todos, e logo depois veio a surpresa... Ele me graduou FAIXA PRETA, que emoção quanto tempo esperei por esse Momento, vou honrar até o último dia da minha vida essa faixa e o senhor mestre @gilliardparana ❤️

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Excellent memeing.

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UFC Boston poster.

But this poster is way, way better. One of the UFC’s best.

Big time opportunity.


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Julia Avila (7-1) vs. Karol Rosa (12-3); UFC Singapore, Oct. 26.


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