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Morning Report: Dana White says ‘BMF’ belt will cost $50,000, confirms that The Rock will present it to the winner

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Esther Lin, MMA Fighting

Not too long ago, Dana White said that Nate Diaz was not a needle-mover. Oh how the times have changed. Now, not only has the UFC President acknowledged his folly, saying that Diaz is in fact a needle-mover, but he’s co-opted Diaz’s idea for the Baddest Motherf*cker in the Game title and is plunging full steam ahead with it.

After UFC 241, Diaz proclaimed himself to be the Baddest Motherf*cker in the Game and suggested he would next defend his self-appointed title against Jorge Masvidal. It was a stroke of genius and one that was met with almost unanimous praise. Fairly quickly, the fight was booked and Dana White even said he planned to have an official title belt commissioned for the event, though the belt would be a one-off scenario. But just because it’s a one-and-done kind of thing doesn’t mean the UFC is planning on pinching pennies. Speaking with TMZ Sports recently, White revealed that the belt itself going to cost about $50,000 to make.

“That’s a good question,” White said when asked about the belt. “I think it’s gonna be like, I think the belt’s like 50 grand.”

Now, while $50,000 is no small sum, some estimates have put the cost of the old UFC titles at close to $300,000, six times the cost of the BMF title. However, those numbers are unsubstantiated and are most likely significantly higher than the actual cost of the belts. But even if that is true, the BMF title will have something none of its other, more expensive cousins will have: the blessing of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.

Shortly after Diaz vs. Masvidal was announced, The Rock chimed in on social media, saying he would do everything possible to make it to the fight and, when Masvidal said he wanted The Rock to be the one to wrap the belt around his waist when he won, Johnson said he was game.

Well, apparently Dana White is taking The Rock up on that offer. Not only will the winner of Diaz-Masvidal get a shiny new, entirely unique belt, but they’ll also be the only fighter in UFC history to be crowned a champion at the hands of The Rock because, according to Dana White, if Dwayne Johnson wants to do it, why wouldn’t he let him?

“He’s gonna [do it],” White said. “[Laughs]. He’s taking my job. Listen, if The Rock wants to do it, The Rock gets what The Rock wants.”

Here’s to hoping the next thing The Rock wants is a 165-pound division and knees to the head of a grounded opponent.


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While I think Dana making the BMF title is a little iffy (50/50 chance it’s just an abomination) I love the idea of fictional titles and elevated pomp and circumstance. Next thing we need is a violenceweight crown of thorns to adorn Justin Gaethje’s head.

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