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Morning Report: Stipe Miocic ‘upset’ with Colby Covington over comments made to Miocic’s wife, plans to talk to him

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Esther Lin, MMA Fighting

Daniel Cormier lost more than the heavyweight title when Stipe Miocic stopped him at UFC 241. He also lost the title of Daddest Man on the Planet. And as the new reigning Daddest Man on the Planet, Miocic wants to have a word with Colby Covington.

Covington has been making headlines once again for his brash and abrasive personality, likening the UFC to slave labor and trashing his “good friend” Jorge Masvidal. But according to Miocic, Covington also said something to his wife while Covington was in the crowd at UFC 241 and that rubbed the heavyweight champion the wrong way.

“I’m not talking about that kid. I’m kinda upset with that kid,” Miocic said on 77 WABC. “He was saying stuff to my wife, after my fight. I’m gonna have to talk to him about that. I’m not trying to start anything here, I’m just saying, a normal conversation. I’m not gonna go out and take his head off. I just want to talk to him like a normal person.”

This is all unsubstantiated rumor of course, but it wouldn’t come as a shock to learn that Covington had said something incendiary to someone else, though talking trash about a fighter as respected as Stipe Miocic does seem a bit out of character for Covington. But Miocic acknowledges he’s not even sure what was said, though he plans on finding out.

“My wife was walking to the cage, and I guess he was saying something to her and my manager being the man he is told him to shut his . . . He told him to shut the f*ck up,” Miocic said. “To this day my manager won’t tell me what he said, so I’m going to find out. I’m very good, I’m like the FBI. I will find out what he said and I’m just gonna go up to him and talk to him about it.”

This is not the first heavyweight Covington has found beef with. In 2017 Fabricio Werdum was fined $600 for throwing a boomerang at Covington in Australia. Fortunately, Miocic intends to keep a more level head than Werdum did. Miocic isn’t planning on fighting a guy 60 pounds smaller than himself, he’s just planning on a stern talking to so they can get to the bottom of everything and resolve the situation like adults.

“No, no, no. Listen, I’m a normal guy,” Miocic said. “I’m just gonna go up to him and talk to him, I’m not gonna take his head off. I’m gonna go, ‘Hey man, what’s your problem’. I’m not mad at the kid, I just want to talk to him about it.”


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I’m not gonna lie, I’m extremely here for Stipe to become the Dad of the UFC, handing out stern talking-tos to everyone who does something terrible.

Thanks for reading and see y’all tomorrow.



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