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Combate Americas signs its third pro wrestler, ‘Thunder Rosa’

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Best known as Thunder Rosa and Kobra Moon, Melissa Cervantes has wrestled for Lucha Underground and WOW

Melissa Cervantes (pictured, center) a.k.a. “Thunder Rosa” has signed with Combate Americas
Combate Americas

Yet another pro wrestling name has signed an MMA contract.

Melissa Cervantes, 28, who has used a number of names, but is best known on the independent scene as “Thunder Rosa,” was announced on Tuesday as having signed a multi-fight contract with Combate Americas.

The promotion officially announced the signing after ESPN had first reported the news over the weekend.

Cervantes is the third pro wrestler that has been added to the group’s roster. Jose Alberto Rodriguez, better known as “Alberto Del Rio,” who was a major star in WWE, has been working as an executive with the company and is expected to face Tito Ortiz in what would be the biggest fight in company history. In addition, Dulce Garcia, a major star in Mexican wrestling as “Sexy Star,” debuted with the promotion on April 12 with a win over Mariana Ruiz Avila.

Cervantes is scheduled to debut on a Nov. 8 event in San Antonio, her hometown. The match is scheduled to air live on Univision and TUDN in the U.S.

Melissa Cervantes in her pro wrestling guise of “Thunder Rosa”
Josh Davis

“Melissa ‘Thunder Rosa’ Cervantes is an established star in the worlds of Lucha Libre and American professional wrestling, and represents another potentially exceptional, crossover star and expansion of the Combate Americas narrative of embracing and developing talent from the Hispanic sports universe outside of MMA,” said Combate Americas senior vice president, operations and communications, Mike Afromowitz.

Cervantes starting wrestling in California in 2014, and has worked for major companies in the U.S., Mexico and Japan. She was named Southern California Woman’s Wrestler of the Year in 2016 by SoCal Uncensored. She began training in Brazilian jiu-jitsu in 2016.

From a television standpoint in the U.S., she used the name “Kobra Moon” on the Lucha Underground television show. She also wrestles as Serpentine for the Women of Wrestling promotion that airs on AXS TV.