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Roberto Soldic insists Paul Daley fight would be ‘a dream come true’

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Sources around Europe suggested that Paul Daley was an option to face Roberto Soldic for his KSW welterweight title ahead of KSW 50 in London this weekend, but unfortunately for fans, the fight never came to fruition.

KSW chief Martin Lewandowksi suggested that he would be open to both promotions borrowing from each other to generate new interest in territories recently.

Soldic is considered a blue-chip prospect in Europe and faces short notice replacement Michal Pietrzak this weekend due to Patrik Kincl being forced from their title showdown four days out from the bout.

According to Soldic, there was some talk of the Daley fight being signed and he admitted that sharing a cage with “Semtex” would be “a dream come true”.

“I think they said that Bellator had another plan for him for, I think for October. I am the champion…they must call me. If they call and say, ‘Paul Daley’, I will say, ‘Yes’ because I never say no,” Soldic told MMA Fighting.

“Paul Daley would be great. This guy is a legend. He’s a really, really tough and experienced guy. That gives me more motivation to fight this guy. I would train even harder than I already do because fighting Paul Daley would be a dream come true. Daley has fought in the UFC and he didn’t get cut from the UFC because he lost…he got cut for being wild. I want to compete with those kinds of guys.”

Soldic is sure that it wasn’t Daley who put the blockers on a fight with him.

“Maybe Bellator didn’t want it, but Paul Daley is not afraid to fight anyone. He is a real fighter. I think I’m different to everyone because I’m also a southpaw and I have given every minute of my life to the sport of MMA. I come forward and I always want to destroy no matter who is in front of me. This would be a great fight for the fans.”

The Croatian knockout sensation insisted that he wouldn’t hesitate to fight Daley on his home soil either:

“For sure, I’d fight him in England. Throughout my career, when I fought [Borys] Mankowski, when I fought in Cage Warriors…even in my last fight against Krystian Kaszubowski, I’ve always gone in against the hometown guy. It doesn’t matter for me. It means the other guy has more pressure.”

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