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Roberto Soldic on Patrik Kincl’s late KSW 50 withdrawal: ‘I don’t understand it’

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KSW welterweight champion Roberto Soldic has taken a short notice replacement bout for KSW 50 this weekend in London, England following the withdrawal of his initial opponent, Patrik Kincl, four days before the event.

Instead of a welterweight title bout, the 24-year-old Croatian knockout artist will now contest a catchweight bout against promotional newcomer and decorated wrestler, Michal Pietrzak.

Speaking after the news of his replacement opponent had come to the surface, Soldic underlined his confusion due to the timing of Kincl’s arm injury that forced him from the title fight.

“I hate this,” Soldic told MMA Fighting.

“This guy has a lot of experience, he is a professional. I don’t understand how you can break the arm four days before weighing in and fighting. If that happens two weeks out from the fight I can understand it, maybe. But four days before the fight you call and say you break your arm? How? It’s not very professional. In the last 10 days or week of my camp, I always take care of my body. Well, I always take care of my body anyway, but in the last few days I don’t do sh*t.”

“I live for this sport. I do everything to make sure my preparation is perfect. For my fights, for this sport, I always give 100 percent,” he added.

Soldic knows that the pressure is completely off Pietrzak — who usually competes as a middleweight — which he believes makes him a dangerous opponent.

“It’s true that it’s a risk,” said Soldic. “Throughout my career, I’ve always been the underdog. I like to be the underdog. When [KSW] called me for [Borys] Mankowski, when [Cage Warriors] called me, when the Russian promotions called me, I was always the underdog. Then I put on a show and it was a big deal. This new opponent has nothing to lose, but if he beats me he can grow his name. It’s just so hard to say how I feel now, this has completely changed the game for me now. This guy is an experienced Greco Roman wrestler. He’s 29-years-old and he’s a strong guy. I’m prepared for everything, I know everything, I give my best — it doesn’t matter who is in front of me. I’m ready to fight, that’s my life.”

“Robocop” admitted that he was concerned that KSW would not be able to find a replacement opponent on such short notice:

“I did think that it would be difficult because who would accept me on four days notice? This guy took it straight away because he doesn’t have anything to lose. It’s good for him because he has no pressure, but it’s going to be a tough night for him too. I believe in myself. I train all over the world with UFC fighters and with experienced grapplers. As always, I’m going in to win.”

He also underlined why the Kincl fight may never happen again.

“It’s a hard question, it depends on the time and it depends on the event,” he explained. “I think this guy broke his arm, so for sure there will be no training for him for the next two months. Maybe it can happen in the future, but many guys have called me out…everybody wants to fight me, really.”

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