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Colby Covington trashes Jon Jones, Tyron Woodley and Ben Askren for post-fight comments

MMA: UFC Newark- Covington vs Lawler
Colby Covington
Vincent Carchietta-USA TODAY Sports

Colby Covington had arguably the best performance of his career this past weekend at UFC on ESPN 5, but that didn’t stop some of his most ardent detractors from taking shots at him in the aftermath of his win over Robbie Lawler.

The former UFC interim welterweight champion put on a dominant showcase over five rounds, besting Lawler on the feet and on the ground en route to a lopsided unanimous decision victory.

It was a statement performance from Covington, who almost certainly locked up the next shot at UFC welterweight champion Kamaru Usman with the win.

“All these stupid pundits and so called journalists who don’t even have journalism degrees are out there saying ‘Robbie’s going to knock him out, the only way Colby can win is by taking him down.’ That was my proving point,” Covington told MMA Fighting on Monday. “I wanted to prove to the world that it didn’t matter if it was King Kong in there but it was Robbie Lawler, who is the most dangerous and lethal striker in the division, and I went out there and outclassed him in every martial art there is.

“I wanted to show I was a better striker and a better grappler and that’s what I was saying in the lead up to that fight, I’m going to show I’m better everywhere. I think I proved my point on Saturday night that I was better everywhere.”

Immediately after the fight ended, Covington was bombarded with messages on social media including more than a few of his past enemies coming out of the woodwork to take a dig at him.

UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones, who was a college teammate of Covington’s at Iowa Central Community College, was among the first to chime in by saying ‘Robbie just let the whole world down’ with his loss.

Covington didn’t take too kindly to that assessment and he’s never been shy about giving his opinion when it comes to Jones.

“Jon Jones, he’s out there talking s*it about Robbie Lawler letting the world down? Jon Jones knows firsthand about letting the whole world down,” Covington stated. “Don’t talk about Robbie Lawler, Jon Jones. Robbie Lawler’s not wrecking a Bentley with hookers in the back of his car. Robbie Lawler’s not hitting a pregnant lady and then fleeing the scene with all his drugs in the car. Robbie Lawler’s a legend, he’s a family man, he’s a first ballot Hall of Famer.

“So how dare Jon Jones talk about him when he’s the biggest piece of s*it in all of sports.”

Covington also had some choice words for former welterweight champion Tyron Woodley, who has been clamoring to get back into the title picture since losing the 170-pound belt to Usman earlier this year.

Woodley claims he texted UFC president Dana White following the fights asking for a chance to face Covington after he was offended by some comments made referencing former welterweight champion Matt Hughes.

“I begged to fight [Woodley] for three years and he ran,” Covington said. “Oh I’ll fight Nate Diaz or GSP (Georges St-Pierre) but I won’t fight Colby’. He gets elective surgery, he begs the UFC not to fight me and now he’s the one who pulled out of this fight. I’ve got to thank him, he pulled out of this fight with a sore thumb and I showed with no training camp and half an eyelid so he can’t really say anything.

“He got burned on Saturday night. He’s irrelevant now, he’s an afterthought now.”

Finally came a jab from former Olympian Ben Askren, who has engaged in a back-and-forth war of words with Covington ever since he arrived in the UFC.

Askren issued an “apology” after he fell to Jorge Masvidal last month, which effectively eliminated him from any immediate title fight conversation.

“I want to apologize for losing because now all of you have to listen to ‘Marty’ (Kamaru Usman) and Colby talk to each other,” Askren wrote. “It will be damn near unbearable.”

Covington already unloaded on Askren after he lost in just five seconds in his fight against Masvidal, but he once again turned his aim to the former Bellator champion on Monday.

“Ben Askren, come on, man. What can you say? I’m breaking all the records except I’m never going to beat Ben Askren’s record for being knocked out in five seconds,” Covington said. “The worst knockout in the history of the UFC.

“He can’t talk because his career is dead so I don’t even know why Ben Askren is talking. He’s about to be 0-3 in the UFC after Demian Maia dusts him up and we won’t ever have to hear from that bum again.”

Covington has become one of the most polarizing figures in the sport in recent years not only for his outspoken trash talk but also in part because he’s been a very public supporter of President Donald Trump.

He even walked out on Saturday night using music belonging to former WWE champion Kurt Angle, which was met by a chorus of ‘you suck’ chants from the New Jersey crowd.

Covington embraces the hate he receives from the fans and even his fellow fighters but he also knows it’s blinding people from giving him proper credit for a job well done in his fight against Lawler.

“It just shows how fickle all the media is and how two-faced they are. All these guys let their hate get in the way from reporting the real news that I fought a legend in Robbie Lawler, a first ballot Hall of Famer, a guy that scared Tyron Woodley back into hiding. A guy that Ben Askren is terrified of. Robbie Lawler is a legend, he’s the hardest hitter in the division,” Covington said. “Everybody was saying before the fight all the media ‘oh he’s going to knock him out first round, Colby has no chance to beat him even if he takes him down, Robbie’s going to catch him in the later rounds.’

“What have they got to say now? They’re just trying to downplay my performance, trying to say it was fix, that wasn’t the Robbie we’re used to. What are you talking about? I just dominated him in every facet of the game, broke the record, I made history again throwing the most strikes ever in a UFC fight so they can keep saying what they want but I’m just going to keep breaking records and making the history books.”

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