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Colby Covington vs. Robbie Lawler full fight video highlights

Watch Colby Covington vs. Robbie Lawler full fight video highlights from UFC on ESPN 5’s main event above, courtesy of UFC.

UFC on ESPN 5: Covington vs. Lawler took place Aug. 3 at the Prudential Center in Newark, N.J. Colby Covington (15-1) battled Robbie Lawler (28-14, 1 no-contest) in the main event, which aired live on ESPN. Catch more video highlights below.

For more on Covington vs. Lawler, check out the live blog below from MMA FIghting’s Alexander K. Lee.

Round 1: Keith Peterson on hand for the main event. No touch of gloves between the fighters. They come out swinging, Lawler stuffs a Covington takedown and he’s marching forward. Covington counter-punching as he backs up. Another shot is stuffed by Covington, who works for a double leg, but Lawler is staying up. Covington keeps the pressure on and gets the takedown against the fence. He takes Lawler’s back, but Lawler hold onto Covington’s arm to prevent any offense. Covington drags him down again two more times and he’s on Lawler’s back now. He gets his arm around Lawler’s neck and is in control, but the choke isn’t there. Covington staying very heavy as Lawler just tries to power out of the position. Covington scoring with short punches. He’s using a chinlock to keep Lawler down. Lawler manages to scramble out with 60 seconds to go in round one. Back on the feet, Covington not backing off, Lawler lands a kick to the body. Covington walking forward with punches and then he connects with another takedown. Covington finishes with a flurry against the cage as Lawler stands up.

MMA Fighting scores the round 10-9 Covington.

Round 2: Covington immediately takes the center of the cage. He’s using boxing to put Lawler on the backfoot and then drops for a successful takedown with plenty of time to work. Lawler stands, Covington throws an elbow and then goes back to pinning Lawler against the fence. Lawler slips out to rest the fight. He lands a leg kick, but Covington takes him down again. Lawler back up, Covington stays on him with jabs and short combinations. Another takedown for Covington. Lawler gets up, but Covington’s volume striking has him way ahead on the scorecards. Lawler throwing almost nothing. Overhand left by Lawler, followed by a straight right. Covington answers with an uppercut and a pair of hooks. Hard body kick by Covington. Lawler with a lot of body movement, but he’s getting tagged and not answering back. Lawler at least coming forward now. It’s been almost all Covington through the first two rounds.

MMA Fighting scores the round 10-9 Covington. Overall 20-18, Covington.

Round 3: Lawler opens with the pressure this time and Covington immediately shoots in for a takedown. He takes the back as Lawler works to stand up and drags him down again. Covington is glued to Lawler against the fence now, but Lawler is able to stand and they’re fighting in the clinch now. They separate, Lawler starting to have success with straight punches. He’s firing more freely now and he backs Covington up with a 1-2. His jab is landing. Covington all-in with a takedown, Lawler blocks it. Uppercut in the clinch for Lawler. Much more even round this time. Covington not slowing his pace. Double leg attempt against the fence, Lawler escapes. 1-2 combos and leg kicks score for Covington. Lawler snaps him with a jab. They trade loud right hands. Lawler is blocking a lot of strikes, but not sure how that looks to the judges. Covington backs Lawler up with punches and Lawler whiffs on an uppercut. They’re just trading jabs now. Covington the more active fighter as the round ends. A better round for Lawler, but Covington’s sheer output is hard to to deny.

MMA Fighting scores the round 10-9 Covington. Overall 30-27, Covington.

Round 4: Nice leg kick by Covington causes Lawler to miss on a punch early. For every one shot he throws, Covington responds with three or four punches. Lawler defending against the cage and he stuffs a takedown. Covington touching Lawler up with that jab. Single leg attempt by Covington is blocked. He’s neutralized most of Lawler’s offense. Just non-stop punches up top by Covington, then a cracking punch to the body. According to the broadcast, Covington has thrown over 300 strikes with two minutes remaining in the fourth round. Lawler stuffs another takedown. He’s struggling to initiate any attacks of his own. Covington connecting with elbows to the head in the clinch. More 1-1-2 combos from Covington.

MMA Fighting scores the round 10-9 Covington. Overall 40-36, Covington.

Round 5: Final round starts off much the same as the others, with Covington walking forward and peppering Lawler with jabs, leg kicks, and quick combinations. He’s not loading up on anything, just firing freely and pulling away on the scorecards. Lawler not pulling the trigger. Knee up the middle by Covington in the clinch. Lawler starting to throw winging hooks, Covington avoiding the worst of it. Lawler rips a couple of uppercuts to the body. Covington stays in his face as he has the whole fight. He’s been throwing about one jab per second. Lawler opens up with a hard hook and Covington is backing up, he’s not getting caught cleanly. It’s all Covington in the final two minutes as Lawler continues to duck and move without actually throwing any strikes. 30 seconds remaining and Lawler still looks like he’s looking for a homerun shot, Covington connects on the mark with a spinning backfist and sticks his tongue out to put an exclamation point on an impressive performance.

MMA Fighting scores the round 10-9 Covington. Overall 50-45, Covington.

Official result: Colby Covington def. Robbie Lawler via unanimous decision (50-44, 50-45, 50-45)

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