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Dana White addresses Conor McGregor’s apology and sexual assault allegations

Dana White didn’t tell Conor McGregor to apologize for his boorish behavior lately but he’s happy the former two-division UFC champion took it upon himself to do it.

Last week, McGregor took responsibility for a pair of recent incidents that landed him in hot water including a video that surfaced from April that showed him punching a man at a bar without any provocation. That altercation came a month after McGregor landed in jail after he took a phone away from a person trying to snap photos of him leaving a posh hotel in Miami, smashed it and then picked it up before leaving the scene.

McGregor owned up to both incidents while promising that he’s going to do everything possible to avoid future situations that continue to tarnish his reputation.

“Conor and I talk at least a couple times a month and I think he needed to do that,” White said on Tuesday night when asked about McGregor’s apology. “I didn’t tell him to do it. He did that on his own and good for him.”

One subject that wasn’t broached in McGregor’s mea culpa was sexual assault allegations that were first brought to light in a New York Times story earlier this year.

McGregor was reportedly under investigation by authorities in Ireland over an assault that allegedly took place in a hotel in Dublin last December. According to the story, McGregor was taken into custody in January and questioned about the allegations but he was never arrested or charged with any crime.

There has been no word about the investigation since that story was released in March and White says his conversations with McGregor on the subject have been minimal at best.

“I know zero about that,” White responded when asked about the sexual assault allegations. “To be honest with you, the back and forth that I’ve had with him about that, it’s not him. It’s somebody else so I don’t know.”

As for his fight career, McGregor has stated that he hopes to return to the UFC before the end of the year after undergoing surgery on a broken hand suffered back in May.

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