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Dana White: ‘No way’ Jose Aldo makes the move down to bantamweight

Jose Aldo (GC)

If Jose Aldo really wants to test himself at bantamweight, he’s going to have to convince UFC president Dana White that he can safely make the cut down to 135 pounds.

Aldo just recently said that he would be willing to make the move down to bantamweight for a chance to face reigning champion Henry Cejudo.

Throughout his career with the UFC and previously with the WEC, Aldo has competed at 145 pounds and he’s always been considered one of the bigger featherweights on the roster.

White scoffed at the idea that Aldo could actually make the move down to 135 pounds after suffering to make the 145-pound limit for much of his career.

“Aldo sent me a text telling me he wants to do this so we really haven’t talked about it,” White responded when asked about his request to fight the bantamweight champion. “But there’s no way that kid can make 35 pounds. No way. You remember when he was the champ how hard it was for him to make 45 pounds and he’s not getting any younger.

“So I haven’t even taken that serious. Love Aldo, I want to do what he wants to do but I don’t think I want to see him try to cut to 35. I don’t think that’s going to be good for him.”

Despite previously teasing plans to exit the UFC, Aldo just recently inked a new multi-fight deal with the promotion.

He’s currently looking to get back in the win column after dropping a unanimous decision to Alexander Volkanovski in his most recent fight. It was the first loss for Aldo in a non-title fight since he began competing for the UFC/WEC in 2008.

As adamant as Aldo might sound about testing the waters at 135 pounds, White just doesn’t want it to happen.

“No, I don’t think Aldo could make [135 pounds],” White said. “Aldo has a tough time making 45. No.”

For his part, Aldo disagrees with the UFC president and he responded on Twitter by saying he’s confident he can make the bantamweight limit without incident.

“When I talk about something I’m talking seriously and for real,” Aldo wrote on Twitter. “I already made a test and I can make this weight!!

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