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UFC 241 live blog: Derek Brunson vs. Ian Heinisch

Derek Brunson faces off with Ian Heinisch ahead of their middleweight bout Saturday at UFC 241 in Anaheim, California
Esther Lin, MMA Fighting

This is the UFC 241 live blog for Derek Brunson vs. Ian Heinisch, a middleweight bout at Saturday’s UFC event at Honda Center in Anaheim, California.

Brunson, who has won three of his last five, faces Heinisch, who is 2-0 in the UFC so far, on the main card.

Check out the UFC 241 live blog below.

Round 1: Mike Beltran is the third man in the cage tonight to open things up for the UFC 241 main card. Heinisch comes out pressuring early, catching Brunson off guard. A huge head kick lands for Heinisch that buckles Brunson’s legs but he’s able to clinch up and use his wrestling to recover. They separate and back at range Heinisch is continuing the pressure. He’s landing some good shots too. Brunson backs Heinisch off with a couple of a sharp left hands. Heinisch catches a low kick and drives on a single leg but Brunson stuffs the shot. This is by far the most patient Brunson has ever looked. Brunson shoots a low single and Heinisch is able to balance and land a big right hand. Brunson glances off a head kick of his own. Heinisch charges in and Brunson lands a flurry of counters that backs Heinisch off. With short time, Brunson shoots a double leg and is able to drag Heinisch to the mat for just a moment before the bell sounds.

MMAFighting scores the round 10-9 Heinisch.

Round 2: Round two starts with Heinisch still pressing the action. Much less action this round though. Heinisch shoots a double from way outside but it is stuffed with ease. Brunson lands a good shot that has Heinischon the retreat now. Heinisch definitely looks to be slowing down now and Brunson is landing some good shots. Heinisch briefly lands a right hook that backs off Brunson. Heinisch is starting to look very labored now and Brunson’s patient approach looks to be paying dividends. A combination from Brunson has Heinischin full retreat and a good knee lands as he backs Heinisch up against the fence. Brunson briefly gets the back but nothing substantial happens with it. Brunson throws a head kick but slips and Heinisch takes the opportunity to land a few shots as Brunson gets back to his feet. Heinisch may be catching a second wind here but he’s telegraphing everything. Brunson stops a shot from Heinisch and lands come good combinations on the break. The bells sounds the end of the round.

MMAFighting scores the round 10-9 Brunson (19-19 overall).

Round 3: Heinisch got a motivational speech between rounds and he looks recharged heading into the final round. And he’s back on the attack to start things off but Brunson ducks under and gets body lock. Big takedown from Brunson but a beautiful gramby roll from Heinisch gets him back to his feet. Brunson reclaims a clinch and tries to grind but it doesn’t last long. Heinisch is coming forward a lot but Brunson knows everything he’s throwing now and few shots are landing. Brunson stuffs a shot with ease. Brunson ducks under another charge from Heinisch and lands a trip takedown but Heinisch won’t be held down. Heinisch is game and still throwing offense but he seems to be out of ideas at this point. Now Heinisch looks spent again and Brunson is picking him off at range. Brunson may be tiring now as more of Heinisch shot’s are starting to get through though. Brunson is in full retreat and jab mode, just tryning to coast to the final bell. Heinisch keeps the charge on but just isn’t able to make anything happen before the bell sounds.

MMAFighting scores the round 10-9 Brunson, 29-28 Brunson overall.

Official result: Derek Brunson wins by unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28).

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