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Invicta FC announces one-night, eight-woman flyweight tournament for September

Invicta FC

Invicta FC is launching another one-night, eight-woman tournament.

The promotion announced on Monday the date and location for the second installment of their Phoenix Series. The tournament will go down at the Memorial Hall in Kansas City, Kan., on Sept. 6.

Phoenix Series 2 will feature eight flyweight competitors: DeAnna Bennett, Milana Dudieva, Marilia Santos, Maiju Suotama, Daiana Torquato, Cheri Muraski, Liz Tracy and Miranda Maverick.

Phoenix Series 2 will have the same structure as the first tournament. It will host four quarterfinal and two semifinal bouts – both being one, five-minute round. The final will be composed by three, five-minute rounds.

The matchups for the quarterfinals have yet to be determined. They will be selected randomly prior to the event. The fighter with the fastest finish in quarterfinal bouts will be able to pick their semifinal opponent from the three other advancing competitors.

Additionally, two non-tournament flyweight bouts will be featured on the card. Alexa Conners will take on promotional newcomer Mariya Agapova, and Josee Storts will face Helen Lucero.

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