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Jorge Masvidal has heated message for ‘bug’ Leon Edwards: ‘I’m going to break that guy’s face’

A backstage fight a few months ago between Jorge Masvidal and Leon Edwards has led to one of the most heated rivalries in the sport today.

On that night, Masvidal responded to Edwards’ call out with a flurry of punches before security intervened to ensure the altercation didn’t boil over into a full on brawl. Ever since that incident, Edwards has been asking to fight Masvidal, although his requests have largely fallen on deaf ears until now.

Following a unanimous decision win over Rafael dos Anjos in July — his eighth in a row overall — Edwards targeted Masvidal yet again and he got quite a fiery response on Saturday night.

“I’m going to kick his ass. It’s not going to be on his terms or whenever the f—k he wants,” Masvidal said when speaking to MMA Fighting. “It will always be on mine and that’s what bothers him so much inside. He’s going to look at this interview or people are going to call him and tell him, you’re a f—king nobody. I run this show.

“You listen to me when I say I’m going to kick your f—king ass, I’ll kick your f—king ass.”

Ever since he dispatched Ben Askren with a record-setting five second knockout in his last fight, Masvidal has been asking for a title shot, although now he’s been passed up by teammate Colby Covington, who is expected to face welterweight champion Kamaru Usman later this year.

If Masvidal is going to accept a different fight against Edwards or anybody else, it has to make financial sense to get him back in the Octagon without a title on the line.

“I’ve got to get paid now. 16 years I’ve been chasing this dream of getting the belt. You think I’m going to let some f—king bug like this guy even slightly throw me off my road, my destiny towards my greatness, towards the belt?” Masvidal said. “I’m going to get the belt and I’m going to eliminate him off the face of the Earth.

“I’m going to wipe the floor with that guy. It’s going to happen. I swear to you it’s going to happen. It’s just not going to be on his terms.”

For his part, Edwards says that he spoke to the UFC just days ago and the promotion expressed interest in booking the fight against Masvidal later this year. Unfortunately, he claims the Masvidal is turning down the fight, which only infuriates him that much more.

“Everyone knows Dana [White] came out and said it’s going to be [Colby] Covington and [Kamaru] Usman so the only fight that makes sense to me now is the Masvidal fight,” Edwards told MMA Fighting. “That’s the fight I want but for some reason he’s running scared and making excuses as to why he don’t want it.

“He’s willing to wait for a year to fight, which sounds like nonsense to me. We’ll see. I want that fight for November at Madison Square Garden. That’s what I’m pushing for. At the moment he’s turning down the fight. He’s making every excuse in the book not to do the fight.”

Edwards believes that Masvidal’s hesitancy to face him stems from the uncertainty he feels about the fight, which could then ultimately cost him the opportunity to compete for the UFC welterweight title down the road.

“It’s weird. I think he knows that I’ll beat him,” Edwards said. “I think he knows I’m better than him everywhere the fight goes. This is his one shot at the title. He’s not that good so he probably knows in his heart of hearts that he’s not that good. He’s trying to hold onto the spot and not defend it.

“Because after I beat him, he’ll never see the title again. So he’s running scared and he don’t want to fight.”

If anything, Edwards feels like if somebody has a legitimate gripe about fighting for the title it should be the guy riding an eight fight winning streak rather than Masvidal, who has earned two spectacular knockouts in a row but that came after he dropped his two previous fights.

“I feel I’m in the top position to get the title shot. Masvidal is 2-2 in his last four fights. I don’t understand where it comes to demanding the title shot when he’s just 2-2,” Edwards said. “I’m willing to fight anybody if I’m one of the best fighters in the world. I already said those were my options — Usman or give me the chance to smack the head off Masvidal. Those are my only two choices. So they decided to give Usman to Colby so I said cool, let’s do Masvidal then in New York.

“They’re up for it. The UFC wants it. The fans want it. I want it. Now it’s just up to them and their team but they keep turning it down and making every excuse in the book as to why they want to wait.”

Edwards closed by sending a personal message to Masvidal hoping to earn a response.

“My message is stop running scared. Try to prove you’re one of the best fighters in the world. Stop holding onto your two fight winning streak,” Edwards said. “Let’s give the fans what they want. You claim you’re one of the best in the world so prove to the fans that you are. That’s what I’m willing to do.

“I truly believe I’m the best in the world and I’ll prove it once again. Stop bitching and let’s get this work.”

Masvidal answered the call by denying that he’s ever been offered a fight against Edwards but he promised that one way or another, they would cross paths in the future.

“I’m going to murder that guy when we fight,” Masvidal said. “He’s a scrub. You are a scrub Leon and you f—king know it and the fight will take place when the f—k I say so.

“So sit there and eat that f—king words. I’m going to break that guy’s face.”

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