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Missed Fists: A casual spinning back elbow KO, ‘Hamderlei’ goes nuts with knees, and introducing Simon Carson

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Simon Carson
Absolute Mixed Martial Arts

Welcome to the latest edition of Missed Fists where we shine a light on fights from across the globe that may have been overlooked in these hectic times where it seems like there’s an MMA show every other day.

The record for most nasty KOs in a week may have been set for 2019, so let’s get right to it.

Stephen O’Neil vs. Momo Kale

AL: So this was maybe my favorite thing that happened over the weekend.

From the Yokkao 42 Muay Thai show in Dublin, Ireland, this is Stephen O’Neil flattening Momo Kale with an “excuse me” back elbow. I don’t think you can land an elbow to the jaw cleaner than that and he wasn’t even looking!

Let’s be real here, was this even on purpose?

JM: It definitely was. It wasn’t planned or set up, but he just organically felt the opportunity, which, really, makes it all the better. The only knock I have against it is that it he didn’t actually look at where he was throwing it. He just felt the position and fired it off into the ether.

It happened to work beautifully but it would’ve been a little better if he had eyes on the shot.

AL: The readers can judge for themselves. Both days of the Yokkao event are available for free on YouTube.

Seo Hee Ham vs. Tomo Maesawa

JM: It’s time we talk about Seo Hee Ham and atomweights in general. I know the UFC isn’t all that keen on adding more weight divisions since they recently tried to scrap their men’s flyweight division and women’s featherweight exists in a perpetual state of expendable, but it’s kind of remarkable to me that the UFC has shown zero inclination towards an atomweight division.

Invicta has one and it tends to be incredibly exciting. Not to mention, if they made an atomweight division, they could just plug Michelle Waterson into a title fight, which is something they’ve been interested in for years, instead of having her lose badly to Joanna in a couple of months. I say all this because “Hamderlei” is dope and the UFC could have been building an atomweight division years ago when she was on the roster.

AL: Instead, they kept throwing her in the Octagon with opponents who regularly outweighed her by about 20 pounds. Maybe they didn’t want her doing stuff like this to people.

That’s Ham going H.A.M. on Tomo Maesawa at Rizin 17 (available on FITE TV PPV).

JM: Also, those knees were a perfect illustration of why all knees should be legal in MMA.

Gleison Tibau vs. Will Brooks

AL: It’s not all fun and games when we’re playing loose with the rules though, as Will Brooks discovered at Battlefield FC 2 in Macau.

Here, he appeared to be defending against a fairly routine guillotine choke attempt from fellow big show vet Gleison Tibau, when the referee decided that a brief moment of pause was enough cause for him to step in for the “save.”

JM: Poor Brooks. This dude is quickly rocketing up the Ian McCall scale of absolutely terrible luck in MMA. Three years ago this dude was the Bellator lightweight champion and looked like he was gonna cross over to the UFC and challenge for a belt; instead, his career has taken a nosedive and now he’s getting jobbed by awful reffing halfway around the world. Brooks isn’t the first nor will he be the last guy to suddenly lose it overnight, but it’s disheartening to see.

Conversely, good for Tibau I suppose. After dropping four in a row he was cut from the UFC but he’s since picked up back-to-back wins (however dubious they may be) over Efrain Escudero and Brooks. He may quickly be returning to the fold.

Perhaps even more disheartening than the continued slow downfall of Brooks is the continued presence of Shannon “The Cannon” Ritch in MMA.

AL: So the man taking out Ritch here is Simon Carson.

This is Simon Carson:

Absolute Mixed Martial Arts

According to an interview on his team’s website, Carson’s greatest achievement is finishing 256th at the Mongolian Wrestling Nationals, he got into martial arts because he wanted to learn how to throw ninja stars, and his favorite workout song is Do You Really Want To Hurt Me? by Culture Club.

This was only his third pro MMA bout. It was Ritch’s 145th.

JM: At this point (perhaps his entire career actually, it’s tough to say with a 57-88 fighter) Ritch isn’t even trying anymore. He just kind of sat down and covered up and then threw a double thumbs up after the ref intervened.

I guess when you’re that experienced at losing, it kinda takes the sting out of picking up another L.

AL: And just to add one more layer of shadiness to all of this, there are reports that the fighters who competed at Battlefield FC’s second event have not been paid. That’s pretty bad, especially when you consider that the last time something like this happened with an Asian promotion it was at… Battlefield FC’s first event.

Oleg Peterimov vs. Mark Volkov

Let’s move on to some good old-fashioned MMA fun, starting with Oleg Peterimov needing just 24 seconds to dust Mark Volkov at Gorilla Fighting Championship 15 (full card available on YouTube) in Penza, Russia.

JM: That was a clean right hand. And the follow up-shot was just full on Donkey Kong, which I guess makes sense for Gorilla Fighting Championship.

Daniel Madrid vs. Chris Harris
Anthony Birchak vs. Raphael Montini
Bruno Souza vs. Mike Hamel
Alex Sanchez vs. Vincent Arredondo

JM: I stand corrected, that is a Donkey Kong-ing. That’s four straight stoppages in a row for Daniel Madrid, who headlined LFA 72, and I’d say he’s your best best this week to get the call-up soon.

AL: Madrid is already 35, and has a recent win over UFC vet Seth Baczynski. Could make for a good Contender Series story.

JM: Speaking of UFC vets, Anthony Birchak had another standout performance, submitting Raphael Montini with a face crusher.

AL: Birchak, who went 2-2 inside the Octagon and actually left the promotion coming off of a split decision win, has been working to rebuild his reputation after a disastrous three-fight losing streak in Rizin threatened to derail his career. He’s righted the ship with two straight finishes and it looked like he let out a lot of pent-up frustration on Montini’s head.

JM: Look at how tight that squeeze is. Montini looked like Fire Marshall Bill.

AL: Remember when I said we were moving past MMA chicanery? I lied.

Look, I don’t like to accuse any fighter of impropriety, but this disqualification win for Bruno Souza wasn’t what I would call entirely above board. I mean, I watch pro wrestling and I thought this sell was a little much.

JM: That is a truly elite level of showmanship right there. Usually in situations like this, we like to hedge out bets and say “allegedly” or whatever but nope, not this time, not for me.

Souza took a nonsense DQ win and good for him. If he didn’t he was well on his way to a loss so that’s a 100 percent improvement. If Anthony Smith had the presence of mind to do the same, he’d have become the UFC light heavyweight champion. Get that W by any means necessary.

Let’s wrap up our LFA discussion with one of my favorite fight endings in quite some time.

Alex Sanchez landed all kinds of heat on Vincent Arredondo and if Arredondo had been out cold after that first shot, that might have had the “He Fell Funny” of the Year award locked up.

AL: Hachi machi, now that is being out on your feet. Arredondo’s natural defense mechanisms betrayed him here. Instead of shutting down at the first sign of trouble they raised him up like the two guys in Weekend at Bernie’s and forced him to continue.

JM: While this isn’t egregiously bad refereeing, I do think this could’ve been stopped sooner. Basically, when Arredondo turns his back completely to get up is when I think you can start arguing for it, and then when he turns again and eats a clean right hand that almost slumps him, that’s when I think the ref should’ve intervened.

Lua Franco vs. Pedro Lima
Jackson Loureiro vs. Anderson Ferreira
Marcos Matos vs. Marcos Conrado Jr.

AL: Over at Future FC 7 in Sao Paulo, Brazil, we had another zombie fighter having to be put down!

JM: All the respect in the world to Pedro Lima. His body was clearly out of it, but the man’s heart wouldn’t let it go. Maybe it should have though.

Props to Lua Franco who was almost certainly down two rounds on the judge’s cards heading into the third, but surged back with the heart of a champion to get that KO.

JM: I was starting to think we were in for a week without a head kick KO, and if that happened, what a terrible week it would have been. Fortunately, Jackson Loureiro had us covered and though he needed some follow-up shots to polish Ferreira off, I award him full marks nonetheless.

AL: Nice win for the 24-year-old Loureiro, who improved to 9-0-1 as a pro.

JM: You know who else gets full marks? Marcos Matos.

AL: Maybe it’s a coincidence, but it really feels like we’ve had an epidemic of fighters attempting dumb flying shit ever since Jorge Masvidal sent Ben Askren into The Upside Down with a knee. This “maneuver” by Marcos Conrado Jr. falls somewhere between Masvidal’s effort and Andrei Arlovski’s hopping WTF attack against Fedor.

JM: I’m gonna be honest, when I first saw this I thought the KO was going the other way. Matos got jawed and then did that push-punch thing where he kinda chops with the right hand instead of snaps it out there. Usually that portends bad things, but I’ll be damned if he doesn’t damn near chop Conrado’s head off while on the run. Yet another example of why you shouldn’t try a flying knee unless you’re “Gamebred.”

AL: Maybe we should blame all of these misguided attacks on the “Mas Effect.”

Quick shout-out to Herbeth Sousa, 25, who improved to 14-1 and captured a bantamweight title in the main event with a win over Taigro Costa.

This was Sousa’s 10 submission win and he’s definitely one to keep an eye on for all you prospect watchers out there.

Pedro Falcao vs. Ricardo Sattelmayer
Ary Santos vs. Claudio Rocha

AL: From Shooto Brasil 93 in Rio de Janeiro, here’s Pedro Falcao not giving a crap about your guard.

JM: You know how to tell when you’re a true legend? When people start using your moves. Falcao just straight up bit Khabib’s style with the arm wrap and then beatdown and it’s easy to see why: it works!

AL: Ary Santos misses with a wild kick here and he’s so off that it freezes opponent Claudio Rocha. Interesting tactic that results in a KO, so undeniably effective.

JM: If you don’t know him, Santos is a wild man and always worth a watch because he brings stuff like this to the table.

Maciek Gierszewski vs. Cian Cowley
Cameron Else vs. Aidan James

JM: Now that right there is a “He Fell Funny.” Conor’s boy Cian Cowley got absolutely dusted at Brave CF 24 in London. He’s lucky though. It could have been worse. Like, Aidan James worse.

AL: Stunning overhand right by Cameron Else a.k.a. “Killa Cam.”

Jace Stewart vs. Nathaniel Mitchell

AL: Let’s go out on the most positive of notes with this amateur bout between Jace Stewart and Nathaniel Mitchell. This clip has everything: Great energy, an awesome comeback, and wonderful sportsmanship.

Jace Stewart KO of the Night

KO of the NIGHT Jace Stewart gets the KO in the 1st!

Posted by Iron Tiger Fight Series on Monday, July 29, 2019

JM: First, let me just say that I’m a huge fan of the name Iron Tiger Fight Series. It gives me hope for starting my own organization, Steel Panther Combat Club.

Secondly, that is one hell of a scrap right there. Just two guys tucking and chucking until one of them falls down. Either man would be welcome in the Ivory Mongoose Cagefighting Cup.

AL: Jace Stewart. Nathaniel Mitchell. We salute you.


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