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UFC 239 results: Michael Chiesa mauls Diego Sanchez in lopsided decision

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Michael Chiesa Esther Lin, MMA Fighting

Michael Chiesa has definitely found a happy home in the welterweight division.

Two fights into his career at 170 pounds, Chiesa has dominated a pair of legends with his latest win coming in a lopsided unanimous decision win over Diego Sanchez in the first bout on the UFC 239 main card.

“Diego’s a tough guy. I thought I had him in the second. I went for it, he took me to some deep water, I’m pretty tired,” Chiesa said after the fight.

It was an incredibly fast start with Sanchez rushing across the Octagon and immediately landing a single leg takedown to put Chiesa on the canvas. Unfortunately, Sanchez couldn’t control Chiesa, who reversed positions very quickly as he looked to jump on his back.

Sanchez was able to scramble free several times from similar spots on the ground but Chiesa was on the attack, looking to wrap up the submission. Chiesa was definitely the stronger fighter not only using better technique on the ground but then out muscling Sanchez in nearly every exchange.

Following a strong opening round, Chiesa was going for the kill throughout the second after planting Sanchez on the ground seconds after the fighters were released from their corners. Chiesa was constantly fishing for submission while simultaneously battering the former “Ultimate Fighter” season one winner with punches and elbows whenever he was given enough space to throw his strikes.

Chiesa nearly got the finish with two minutes remaining in the second round after flattening Sanchez out on the mat and then raining down a series of heavy shots to the head. Sanchez refused to give up before finding a way to escape to make it to the end of the round but he was getting dominated through the first 10 minutes of the fight.

The third round saw more of the same with Chiesa dragging Sanchez to the ground and then continuing his assault. As much as Sanchez was surviving, that was seemingly all he was able to do while Chiesa was attacking with everything in his arsenal.

When it was over, Chiesa had out landed Sanchez 125 to 42 in total strikes.

Following wins over Sanchez and Carlos Condit, Chiesa is now taking aim at the welterweight rankings as he looks to build on two dominant victories in the division.

“This is my division,” Chiesa said. “Top 10 next. I won’t accept anything less.”