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UFC 239 live blog: Luke Rockhold vs. Jan Blachowicz

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Jan Blachowicz faces off with Luke Rockhold ahead of their light heavyweight bout Saturday at UFC 239 in Las Vegas
Esther Lin, MMA Fighting

This is the UFC 239 live blog for Luke Rockhold vs. Jan Blachowicz, a light heavyweight bout at Saturday’s UFC event at T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas.

Rockhold, the former UFC middleweight champion who is fighting for the first time at 205 pounds inside the Octagon, faces Blachowicz, who has won four of his last five fights, on the main card.

Check out the UFC 239 live blog below.

Round 1: Rockhold comes out with a sleeve covering up his often injured left shin. And he is throwing kicks often early. Rockhold drives for a takedown but Blachowicz is proving tough to take down. He can’t quite get the takedown but does get a front headlock. Blachowicz fights it off but Rockhold is sticking to him like glue. Blachowicz lands a solid elbow inside. The boo birds come out as nothing is happening along the fence. A very good inside elbow lands from Blachowicz. The two finally separate and Rockhold is back to throwing kicks. Rockhjold perhaps looks a little tired but Blachowicz isn’t doing much. More kicks from Rockhold. Blachowicz lands a good inside low kick but is backing up a lot. Good body kick from Blachowicz. Blachowicz is really looking to land a big counter hook when Rockhold steps in but hasn’t been very close. Rockhold has missed a number of high left kicks. As the bell sounds, Rockhold gets clipped with a punch and then a head kick lands at the buzzer that has Rockhold on skates!

MMAFighting scores the round 10-9 Blachowicz.

Round 2: Rockhold seems recovered to start the third but that was a spot of danger for the former middleweight champion. Rockhold gets tagged again to start the round and now Blachowicz is the one pressing the action. Blachowicz is chopping the legs of Rockhold down and Rockhold is having zero success with his kicks now. Another shot from Rockhold put them back against the fence in a clinch but Blachowicz is defending very well. They separate and a MONSTER left hook catches Rockhold clean and puts him on another planet. A follow-up shot from Blachowicz is unnecessary as Rockhold is out and Herb Dean stops the bout.

Official result: Jan Blachowicz knocks out Luke Rockhold at 1:39 of round 2.