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UFC 239 live blog: Diego Sanchez vs. Michael Chiesa

Diego Sanchez and Michael Chiesa meet in a welterweight bout at UFC 239 in Las Vegas on Saturday
Esther Lin, MMA Fighting

This is the UFC 239 live blog for Diego Sanchez vs. Michael Chiesa, a welterweight bout at Saturday’s UFC event at T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas.

Sanchez, who is making his 30th Octagon appearance on the strength of back-to-back wins, faces Chiesa, who submitted Carlos Condit in his welterweight debut last December, on the main card.

Check out the UFC 239 live blog below.

Round 1: Sanchez comes storming across the cage and shoots immediately. Chiesa catches the head though and rolls Sanchez over. Some scrambling ensues and both men are standing again with Chiesa now pressuring Sanchez against the cage. Chiesa looks enormous compared to Sanchez. Sanchez turns it around and but can’t get much headway. Chiesa ends up dragging Sanchez to the ground and then takes the back. Now he’s locked in a body triangle and is softening Sanchez up with shots. Chiesa is deep under the neck but Diego somehow gets out! Chiesa starts slamming elbows into Sanchez’s head and Diego rolls over then he sneaks out the backdoor somehow and Sanchez is trying to drive ona . double leg but Chiesa hits a switch on him. The size advantage really seems to be coming into play here as Chiesa is just kind of overpowering Diego. Chiesa is in top position and staying heavy, looking to pass. Sanchez stays game for the rest of the round but cannot shake Chiesa before the bell sounds.

MMAFighting scores the round 10-9 Chiesa.

Round 2: An immediate shots put Sanchez back on the mat underneath Chiesa but Chiesa is not more interested in landing shots instead of finding chokes. Chiesa is hammering Sanchez but Diego gets back to his feet. He appears hurt though as Chiesa is working Sanchez over on the fence and gets Sanchez back down quickly. Big elbows from Chiesa on top. This is all one way traffic now and if Chiesa goes for a finish, he should get one. Sanchez is now rolling on a knee bar but can’t get it and Chiesa is now on the back again. He flattens Sanchez out and is raining small punches. Sanchez is trying to buck and Chiesa isn’t actually landing huge shots. Sanchez rolls and gets out of a choke and now Sanchez has turned into Chiesa! Chiesa is back on his feet and Sanchez is grinding him against the cage.It doesn’t last long though as Chiesa is able to manhandle Diego down again and now he’s attacking a kimura. He can’t get it. Sanchez’s submission defense has been stalwart and the bell sounds with Chiesa still holding onto the kimura grip.

MMAFighting scores the round 10-8 Chiesa (20-17 overall)

Round 3: Chiesa ducks under a right hand and finishes a single leg with ease to start the round. Chiesa now has Sanchez against the cage and a back crucifix. Diego grinds thought and almost gets on top but Chiesa rolls through and now both are standing again. They separate but Chiesa jumps in against and gets the takedown with ease. Sanchez turtles and and now both men are slowing considerably. Chiesa takes the back but has mostly abandoned the strikes. Now he’s throwing some elbows but he’s really preferring to hold position now and Sanchez cannot do anything. Now Chiesa has a body triangle and he tries to sneak under the neck but there just isn’t enough time and the bell sounds.

MMAFighting scores the round 10-8 Chiesa, 30-25 Chiesa overall.

Official result: Michael Chiesa defeats Diego Sanchez by unanimous decision (30-26 x3)

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