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Amanda Nunes: Nina Ansaroff had throat infection prior to UFC 238 loss to Tatiana Suarez

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Nina Ansaroff and Amanda Nunes supporting Team USA
Nina Ansaroff (left) poses with her girlfriend, UFC double champion Amanda Nunes.
Esther Lin, MMA Fighting

Nina Ansaroff had her impressive four-fight winning streak snapped by Tatiana Suarez at UFC 238 in June, but her girlfriend Amanda Nunes revealed on Tuesday that the strawweight talent wasn’t 100-percent fit going into the contest.

Nunes, the UFC’s bantamweight and featherweight queen, told Brazilian reporters during a media scrum that Nina had to go to a hospital before the fight, but ultimately decided against pulling the plug on the match-up in Chicago.

“Nina had throat infection and was on antibiotics,” Nunes said. “And she still looked at me at the emergency [room], when only the UFC and the UFC doctor knew that she was sick at the emergency, and said, ‘Amanda, I don’t want anyone to know about this, I don’t want the UFC to put this on the media. This fight won’t get cancelled. I’ll reach my limit ]and fight].’”

Ansaroff was defeated via unanimous decision, but won the third round on all scorecards. For Nunes, that shows the result would have been different if she wasn’t dealing with health issues.

“Not taking any merit away from Tatiana, but you saw that Nina almost won in the third round,” Nunes said. “I believe she deserves a second chance, an opponent that puts her in the mix for a title fight. Not taking anything away from Tatiana, but I knew that if Nina was 100 percent that day she would have won the fight. It was clear in the third round that Nina could still respond, but it took too long in the first and second rounds.”

“But it was a great fight,” she added. “Everyone who watched it, those who trained with her knows Nina’s potential. No doubt about it, if there’s a rematch the result will be different.”

Suarez was hoping that her win over Ansaroff would be enough to give her a shot at 115-pound champion Jessica Andrade next. According to UFC president Dana White, a neck injury prevented the unbeaten fighter from facing “Bate Estaca” for the UFC gold, resulting in Andrade’s championship clash with Weili Zhang in China.