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PFL signee Brendan Loughnane: ‘I still like’ Dana White despite Contender Series snub

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Brendan Loughnane insists he holds no grudges despite him not being offered a contract by Dana White after a dominant decision win over Bill Algeo in June.

Although he has since signed with the PFL, many fans and media members were up in arms when White failed to sign the Englishman last month on the back of his performance on the Contender Series. Responding to the backlash, White urged opposition promotions to sign Loughnane if they thought he had made a mistake.

Despite having the most experienced opponent of the four-fight card, Loughnane is the only winning fighter that competed on the season premiere who has not been signed to the UFC.

“You know what’s incredible, the other girl [Hannah Goldy] that didn’t get signed that night, she just got signed—that means everybody [who won] on the show got signed apart from me. How incredible is that? Let’s take that into consideration, what’s going on there?” Loughnane told MMA Fighting’s Eurobash podcast.

The Mancunian underlined that he was happy to commit his future to the PFL.

“In terms of a chip on my shoulder, I don’t give a f*ck what happened there. I’m just about making money for my family, fighting in the most iconic arenas on the globe and continuing on my journey. Let’s be honest, how long would it take me to earn that kind of money with the UFC? Five years if you’re lucky? I can earn it in six months here. Even if I don’t win [the tournament] I could come out with about $400,000. It’s not the all about money, but at the end of the day I have mouths to feed and it’s time for me to get my worth from the sport. Especially for fighting high-level competition you want to be compensated correctly. PFL are just a great outfit at the minute for me.”

Loughnane also highlighted with the Contender Series has been a good experience for him and why he is still fond of Dana White even though he didn’t offer him a contract on the back of his one-sided win last month.

“It got me millions of fans and it’s got me more money than I can imagine from another promotion, so in a way he’s done me a favor. I’m not bitter towards them for their decision,” he said.

“I’ve got every single door open still, I’m not a bridge burner. At the end of the day, Dana White didn’t choose me that night, so there’s no hard feelings. You know, I swear I’ve always liked him. Even though he did what he did, I still like him. I don’t know why, it’s just whenever I watch him talk or whatever I don’t bear any grudges for him…I don’t know...I think he’s just a funny guy. What ever it is [that’s cost me the shot] it is. I know it’s something, so hopefully when I’m an old man I’ll bump into him walking through the MGM and he can tell me! Whatever it is, it is. By then I’ll be a millionaire so I won’t give a f*ck!”

Check out the latest episode of Eurobash. The Brendan Loughnane interview begins at 10:00.