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Frankie Edgar scoffs at Henry Cejudo’s call out: ‘That dude says a lot of sh*t, most of it’s garbage’

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Frankie Edgar post-fight EL
Frankie Edgar
Esther Lin, MMA Fighting

Frankie Edgar has bigger things on his mind than bantamweight and flyweight champion Henry Cejudo calling him out.

Ahead of his featherweight title fight this weekend at UFC 240, Edgar heard Cejudo mention his name after he successfully claimed the 135-pound title in early June with a TKO against Marlon Moraes.

Afterwards, Cejudo turned his attention to a third division while specifically calling out Edgar’s name as a potential opponent for the future.

“The fight I would really want, and this has everything to do with competition; if Frankie Edgar wins this fight against Max Holloway that’s the fight I am interested in,” Cejudo said when speaking to ESPN. “We had talked about it before, captain Eric [Albarracin] mentioned it.

“I like his stature, I think the height seems very well, he is a wrestler. I think if he wins the fight against Max Holloway, then me and him can throw down.”

While Cejudo said he had nothing but respect for Edgar, he specifically targeted the former lightweight champion rather than mentioning a fight against reigning featherweight king Max Holloway.

Edgar isn’t sure if that’s a slight against him because Cejudo believes he’s an easier opponent than Holloway but rest assured that is absolutely the last thing he’s thinking about just days away from his title fight.

“That dude says a lot of s—t. Most of it’s garbage so you’ve got to kind of take it with a grain of salt,” Edgar told MMA Fighting when asked about Cejudo “Who knows what he’s talking. My focus is nowhere near a 35-pounder right now.

“I’m not looking to fight the smaller guy. I’m looking to fight the best guy and that’s Max right now.”

On the flipside, a win against Holloway at UFC 240 could put Edgar in the crosshairs of a fight against top ranked featherweight contender Alexander Volkanovski later this year.

Volkanovski is undefeated in the UFC and he’s fresh off a unanimous decision win against former champion Jose Aldo.

The former rugby player turned fighter has stated that he would love the opportunity to face the winner of Holloway vs. Edgar at the upcoming UFC 243 card in his home country of Australia.

Edgar certainly isn’t looking past Holloway but he would welcome the challenge of facing Volkanovski if that is what’s next for him but he might have other ideas on where the title fight should take place.

“To go to another guy’s homeland and fight him there, that’s definitely something that would be very cool to put on that bucket list of my career but defending your title in f—king Madison Square Garden isn’t too bad either,” Edgar said referencing UFC 244 scheduled for New York City in November.

“That’s sounds pretty damn good to me, too. A lot’s got to happen and I’m game for anything. You know that. So we’ll see. We’ll see what happens.”

As far as Volkanovski as the next person in line to fight for the title, Edgar has no problem with that scenario but he can’t think about what comes next until after he faces Holloway this weekend.

“Absolutely,” Edgar answered when asked about his interest in facing Volkanovski next. “Barring Max coming back down for a rematch, who knows what could happen, but task at hand, July 27.”