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Francisco Trinaldo wants win bonus after UFC on ESPN 4 loss to ‘cocky’ Alexander Hernandez

MMA: UFC Fight Night-San Antonio-Hernandez vs Trinaldo
Francisco Trinaldo (right) lost a controversial decision to Alexander Hernandez.
Adam Hagy-USA TODAY Sports

Alexander Hernandez had his hand raised after 15 minutes with Francisco Trinaldo at Saturday night’s UFC on ESPN 4 in San Antonio, but the Brazilian veteran is outraged with the unanimous decision defeat.

Judges Ruben Carrion and Marcos Rosales scored all three rounds in favor of the American, while Gino Garcia gave one 10-9 in favor of “Massaranduba”. For Trinaldo, there’s no way Hernandez won a single round at the AT&T Center.

“I’m still a bit upset,” Trinaldo told MMA Fighting. “They shamelessly took the win away from me. I thought I was winning… I could have done more, trying to knock him out, but it’s tough. It’s tough to fight here. If they want to build this kid they have to start giving him easy fights, otherwise he won’t get anywhere. He doesn’t belong here. Everybody knows he won’t get anywhere.”

“He didn’t win one round. He didn’t land one strike that hurt me. Every strike I landed, he would open his eyes wide open. Just watch the fight. I know it’s not UFC’s fault, but these judges have to judge marbles tournaments instead. They suck. They took my win away and I’m the only one who was really harmed.”

“Massaranduba” revealed he was so mad “in the heat of the moment” he considered asking for his release from the promotion minutes after the loss. He knows the company does not control who will win a decision, but thinks they should pay him his win bonus in this case.

“If they want to put a win on his record, go for it, but I want my win bonus. I deserve it,” Trinaldo said. “I went there to put a beating on him and he just ran. Everybody saw I won. UFC employees were shocked, they don’t know how they gave that kid the win. The least they can do is give me my win bonus.”

The 40-year-old Brazilian has now bounced between wins and losses after seven-fight winning streak between 2014 and 2016, and “can’t say it wasn’t” the robbery of the year.

“That can’t happen,” Trinaldo said. “The quality (of the judges) dropped so much. How can you hit someone for three rounds, chase him in the cage, and they give him the win? It looks like an amateur event. I’m embarrassed to say I’m fighting in the biggest MMA promotion in the world and all of a sudden it looks like an amateur event. It’s embarrassing.”

Now targeting a return to the Octagon at the upcoming UFC Sao Paulo show on Nov. 16 in Brazil, Trinaldo has no respect for Hernandez.

“I train hard every single say, focused, to come here and lose like that,” Trinaldo said. “This guy came here all cocky, feeling like a badass… I always say fighters fear no one so don’t come here mean mugging. This kid acts all cocky, but when the cage closes he’s a p***y. They want to turn this p***y into a man.”

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