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Myles Price regrets Kiefer Crosbie call out: ‘It’s not a big step up for me’


The growing tension between Kiefer Crosbie and Myles Price was one of the most intriguing sub plots as the SBG fighter geared up for his U.S. debut at Bellator 224.

However, after initially calling Crosbie out and having him verbally accept a fight via an interview with MMA Junkie, Price admits that he regrets his decision to do so. On a recent appearance on MMA Fighting’s Eurobash podcast, Price insisted that he called for the fight out of desperation and now that he has other options on the table, the thoughts of fighting Crosbie are not as appealing to him.

“As much as I know all the Irish fans want to see that fight, it just doesn’t make me want to get up off the couch and do it,” Price told Eurobash. “I know I called [Kiefer] out and I’m shooting myself in the foot by doing this, but since then I’ve had a few options come up and I’ve been talking to a few guys. I’ve been talking to the guys in Bellator and I could possibly be getting a fight in Milan or Israel.”

As far as Price is concerned, Crosbie stands to gain a lot more from them squaring off in Dublin.

“Of course Kiefer is going to say ‘yeah’ to that fight. It’s a big fight for Kiefer to fight me coming off a win in the co-main event of Bellator Dublin. That’s the kind of fight that I want, I want to fight an experienced guy,” Price said.

“I would beat Kiefer, skill wise I’m a lot better than him and mentality wise I’m a lot better than him. Kiefer is an emotional fighter and that would play well into the fight for me. I’ve never seen him compete against anyone without his emotions and I always strive against guys like that — you can’t waver my emotions in a fight. I go in calm, cool and collected. The whole country was against me for that last card, the place nearly erupted when I came out.”

Crosbie suffered the first loss of his professional career via disqualification when he illegally kneed opponent Mike Jackson in the head just as he appeared to be on the verge of stopping the American in the first round of their clash.

Price admitted that Crosbie losing his undefeated record took the shine off the appeal of the contest.

“7-0 does look a lot better for me. That guy that he fought, that guy took him down three times in the space of a minute and a half. If that was me I would’ve taken him down, I would’ve held him down and the fight would be finished. I do regret [calling him out] because it was a desperate thing I did, with the stress of not getting the fight that I felt I deserved. I was so looking forward to getting on that card, but it needs to be against the right guy.”

He also described the SBG fighter as “unprofessional” due to the ending of his last outing.

“I saw some very unprofessional stuff from Kiefer last weekend. I saw a very unprofessional guy knee a lad in the head when he was on the floor. He’s an emotional athlete that isn’t well-trained enough.”

Price underlined that he would like to be given a similar level of opponent as the last man he defeated, Peter Queally, has been given. Queally takes on former BAMMA champion Ryan Scope at September’s Dublin event.

“I’d like to be fighting the caliber of opponent that Queally is fighting. And it’s not like, ‘Peter is getting it and I’m not…boo-hoo’, it’s not. Fair play to Peter, he puts a lot of work in and he deserves it, but so do I. I’m not going to just jump into a fight after I made a hasty, irrational post on something. I didn’t have any options at the time and now I have options with Milan and Israel. I’m not completely saying no, but I have to do a lot of thinking on it. It’s a big step up for Kiefer, it’s not a big step up for me.”

Check out the latest episode of Eurobash. The Myles Price interview begins at 55:00.