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Cain Velasquez’s first pro wrestling match announced for August

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Velasquez will team with Cody Rhodes and Mexico’s most popular wrestler, Psycho Clown at TripleMania on Aug. 3

Cain Velasquez
Esther Lin, MMA Fighting

Cain Velasquez will be teaming with Mexico’s most popular wrestler, Psycho Clown, and All Elite Wresting star Cody Rhodes, in his pro wrestling debut at TripleMania in Mexico City on Aug. 3.

TripleMania is the biggest event of the year for the AAA, which is the most popular promotion on Mexican television. Velasquez, who was extremely popular in Mexico as UFC heavyweight champion, was announced as making his debut on that show several months back, and his match was announced Tuesday at a press conference in Mexico City.

Velasquez teams with the sons of two of the most charismatic wrestlers of the ‘80s. Psycho Clown is the son of Super Porky, or Brazo de Plata, a huge star in Mexico for decades. Rhodes is the son of Dusty Rhodes, one of the biggest stars in U.S. wrestling history. He is one of the key players in AEW, the second-largest pro wrestling company in the U.S., backed by Shad Khan, the owner of the NFL’s Jacksonville Jaguars.

AEW and AAA are affiliate companies.

The three will face the villain trio of El Texano Jr., himself the son of a major Mexican star, El Texano, Taurus, and a mystery partner in a match third from the top of the card.

“He’s picking it up very quickly,” said Kevin “Killer” Kross in a pro wrestling podcast interview, who is helping train Velasquez in Las Vegas. “He’s legit. He’s 100 percent legit. His entire life he’s been an amateur wrestler from my understanding. His footwork is there. Everything is there. His footwork, his striking, all his transitions, ground mobility. If he gets into pro wrestling, he will 100 percent be a draw and he’ll be able to carry the hype.”

The TripleMania show usually draws between 13,000 and 19,000 fans to Arena Ciudad, the same building where Velasquez lost the UFC heavyweight title to Fabricio Werdum on June 13, 2015. Velasquez was a legitimate mainstream star in Mexico when UFC first broke into the market on television and with live shows.

If all goes well, AAA would be interested in using Velasquez for future dates. Velasquez also spent several days last year training with WWE at its Performance Center in Orlando, Fla.