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Missed Fists: Ary Farias makes a statement in LFA debut, a 4-second knockout, more

Ary Farias (blue gloves) chokes out Devante Sewell (red gloves) at LFA 71 on July 12 in Atlanta
@AXSTVFights, Twitter

Welcome to the latest edition of Missed Fists where we shine a light on fights from across the globe that may have been overlooked in these hectic times where it seems like there’s an MMA show every other day.

This week, we have a special treat as our own Jed Meshew was actually on-site for Legacy Fighting Alliance 71 in Atlanta. Let’s throw to the man now, Jed, what have you got for us?

Ary Farias vs. Devante Sewell
Chris Brown vs. Yemi Oduwole

JM: I witnessed an absolute mugging on Friday night, and I need to talk about it to someone.

Since LFA 71 took place in my city, I went to the event and sat cageside. Now, we talk about LFA a lot in this column because it’s an organization that excels at finding the hidden gems in MMA and producing great fights out of them. Hell, their motto is “Where the future is now!”

But poor Devante Sewell has no future because it was stolen from him, along with his soul, by former BJJ world champion Ary Farias.

I happened to be sitting in a perfect position to stare into poor Sewell’s eyes as the light left them and let me tell you, that’s some nightmare fuel right there.

AL: This has to be one of the nastiest chokes we’ve seen in a while. A lot went into making this one memorable: First, it’s a buzzer beater. The official stoppage time was 4:58 into round one; second, we’ve got some Demian Maia-Rick Story action as you can see blood dripping out of Sewell’s nose; third, you have Sewell hanging on as long as possible, though it actually looked like he wanted to tap just before everything went dark.

This was Farias’s first fight in the U.S. and he picked a hell of a way to ingratiate himself to the LFA fans.

JM: The crowd was definitely feeling the finish. I have a deep respect for LFA but while the card looked good on paper, many of the fights ended up being lackluster, so Farias’s sub was one of the bright spots of the night.

The other one? Check out the head kick from Chris Brown (not THAT Chris Brown).

AL: You can see that Brown was already throwing some wild shit and Yemi Oduwole was just not prepared for it. I don’t know if these moves are going to fly as Brown moves on to face stiffer competition, but that doesn’t really matter right now, does it?

It doesn’t sound like anything else eventful happened at the show, so let’s—


The highlight of the event, and arguably my entire life, had nothing to do with the actual fights that night. The best part of LFA was that somehow, magically, Missed Fists favorite son, Charles “Krazy Horse” Bennett, was at the event. It felt like kismet.

But, like the true MMAry Poppins that he is, he flew out just as quickly as he flew in. Sad times, but some birds are just meant to fly free.

AL: I have never been more jealous of anyone for anything in my entire life.

Aleksi Toivonen vs. Akihiro Fujisawa
Ev Ting vs. Daichi Abe

From the stuff of dreams to more fighters getting put to sleep, let’s look at a couple of chokes from ONE Championship: Masters of Destiny in Kuala Lumpur.

This is Aleksi Toivonen using a sneaky low kick to throw Akihiro Fujisawa off-balance to set up a great rear-naked choke finish. Lovely technique from the Finn.

JM: This is why I’ve never been a huge fan of those low single-leg attempts. Sure, if you’re Randy Couture doing it to James Toney it will work, but against savvy fighters, you are giving them a lot of mobility to get reactionary offense off. It feels like for every one of these low singles we see succeed, we see just as many go horribly wrong like it did for Fujisawa.

That’s no knock on Toivonen though. Slick work to snake the back there and get the B.J. Penn arm-trapped finish.

AL: Ev Ting also utilized a rear-naked choke to put away UFC vet Daichi Abe, but that only tells part of the story. The two welterweights THREW DOWN for the better part of two rounds before Ting made Abe pay for his careless scrambling:

The crowd was super hot for this and rightfully so as it was an absolute banger from the opening bell. Abe might not be able to win fights (he’s dropped four straight now), but damn if he can’t get the blood pumping in that ring.

JM: I’ve long been of the opinion that being able to lose fights in spectacular fashion is the most undervalued quality in an MMA fighter. If someone would ever give me a damn organization to run, I would be instantly moneyballing the hell out of JMFC, buying all the glorious losers for pennies on the dollar and building stars off of them.

Also, wow. So last week was just the week of the rear-naked choke, huh?

AL: Protect. Yo. Neck.

ONE Championship events are available to replay for free on a variety of services. For those outside the U.S., you can watch the whole card on YouTube, while U.S. readers can check it out on B/R Live or the ONE app.

Shakh Mammaev vs. Ali Dikaev
Artur Guseinov vs. Oleg Dadonov
Omar Nurmagomedov vs. Taras Grytskiv

And now, we’re going back-to-back. Make it two weeks in a row that we’re featuring Dagestan’s Gorilla Fighting Championship (full card available on YouTube). How could we not when this promotion is bringing the pain like this?

That’s another takedown attempt gone wrong and another clip to add to the Marlon-Aljo accidental knee KO collection, courtesy of Shakh “Diesel” Mammaev (not his real nickname).

JM: How could we not when an organization brings a name like this? Gorilla Fighting Championship is a top-5 MMA org name, no question. It’s gonna be a real shame when it gets Milkshake Duck’d super hard. But until then, I will absolutely enjoy the hell out of some poor fool ducking into a head kick/knee.

However, I see your head kick/knee and raise you an axe kick-plus-piston-like ground-and-pound.

AL: That’s Artur Guseinov. He’s been in the fight game since 2005, so if you think he has any regard for human life at this point in his career, you are sorely mistaken. Just look at the blood pouring from Oleg Dadonov’s face.

Before we move on, let’s check in on the progress of Khabib’s cousin Omar.

Yup, he’s doing fine.

JM: Sooooo many RNCs. Also, I doubt that Mr. Nurmagomedov has ever seen The Wire and I seriously doubt he’d like sharing a name with the greatest character in TV history, but if he doesn’t whistle “Farmer in the Dell” while walking to the cage, he’s missing out on a huge opportunity.

Hyub Chan Oh vs. Chikara Shimabukuro
Azjavkhlan Baataryn vs. Tetsuya Fusano
Jyunya Murata vs. Ryosuke Sano

AL: Speaking of great names in combat sports, how about the elegantly titled Fighting NEXUS vol.17 x WAVE 10 event that took place in Tokyo on Saturday?

They probably could have shortened all that to YOLO because that appeared to be the attitude several of the fighters brought to the ring.

For example, once Hyub Chan Oh smelled blood here, he went absolutely crazy looking to land a knee on Chikara Shimabukuro’s head:

JM: I feel like that knee was not the best shot to throw there. Maybe that’s just because it looked so inelegant, but it’s hard to argue with the results. Shout-out to that tremendous counter left-hand that started the finish though.

Speaking of knees that KO people, remember the other week when Jorge Masvidal ended a decade-long hype train in record time? WELL STAND ASIDE, JORGE. Five seconds is practically a lifetime compared to this KO.

I’m literally looking at Azjavkhlan Baataryn’s name and can’t spell it, but I can spell KTFO and that’s what happened there.

AL: Can you spell WTF, because I’m fairly sure that’s what happened here:

JM: Just another guy desperately trying to beat Jorge Masvidal’s “KO of the Year” frontrunner only instead of doing it he just groin shotted himself with the ropes. In the famous words of Omar, “you come at the king, you best not miss.” Murata missed and paid the price.

AL: Actually, Murata would later go on to win by armbar, but in the court of social media, he definitely caught an L here.

Shahriar Zolfaghari vs. Darryl Cobb

Let’s go out on a high note with a strike that actually was on point. Here’s Shahriar Zolfaghari ending Daryl Cobb with a spinning strike in a kickboxing match at Shamrock FC 320 last Saturday in St. Louis.

JM: That. Was. Awesome. That’s my “KO of the Week” right there. I love how he probably could have finished it off with any strike as Cobb looked to be on his last legs but instead Zolfaghari went for full marks. I love the confidence. Basically, I love everything about that.

AL: I’m glad we could end on such a positive note after starting off this week with a grim choke-out.

Until next week, follow your inner Krazy Horse!


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