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UFC 238 live blog: Henry Cejudo vs. Marlon Moraes

Henry Cejudo and Marlon Moraes
Henry Cejudo faces off with Marlon Moraes ahead of their vacant bantamweight championship main event bout at UFC 238 on Saturday at United Center in Chicago
Esther Lin, MMA Fighting

This is the UFC 238 live blog for Henry Cejudo vs. Marlon Moraes, a vacant bantamweight championship bout at Saturday’s UFC event at United Center in Chicago.

Cejudo, who has won his last four fights and currently holds the UFC flyweight title, faces Moraes, who has won four straight and 17 of his last 18 bouts, in the main event.

Check out the UFC 238 live blog below.

Round 1: Both men are quick out of their corners and Moraes lands an early low kick. Expect to see a lot of that. Moraes also throws a high kick but Cejudo evades. More kicks coming from Moraes and the size difference is not huge but noticeable. Still more kicks from Moraes and Cejudo has been trying to figure out the range. A good combination from Moraes lands. Cudo is now starting to throw some punches but Moraes fires back every time. Cejudo is now trying to catch the low leg kicks but has yet to succeed. Cejudo is now keeping a very long range, probably because of the kicks. Cejudo shoots from way out but is stuffed easily. Cejudo looks like he expected more of a speed advantage but he does not seem to have one. And now Cejudo has had to switch stance because of the leg kicks. So Moraes just kicks the other leg. Three minutes in and Cejudo has done almost nothing. Moraes is now punishing the right leg of Cejudo. Nice body kick from Moraes. Cejudo steps in and lands his own leg kick. Cejudo is now starting to come forward more which is a better plan but his legs are getting chewed up. The round ends without anything else major happening.

MMAFighting scores the round 10-9 Moraes.

Round 2: Cejudo’s corner was not happy with his round, telling him to step into punching range more. He takes the advice to heart and starts round two with a nice left hook, his best shot of the fight. Moraes goes back to work on those legs. Cejudo is now trying to pressure but Moraes is doing an excellent job of throwing heat to back Cejudo off. Cejudo eats a big uppercut but clips Moraes with a left hook that finally gets a reaction out of the WSOF champion. Moraes lands a head kick as Cejudo loads up on a left hand. Wheel kick from Moraes misses. Cejudo is having more success but he keeps ducking his head in which is bound to result in a headbutt sooner or later. Moraes’ output has slowed slightly but he’s still chopping at the legs and Cejudo is now sticking mostly to southpaw. Cejudo momentarly hits the canvas after a big leg kick take his legs from under him. Cejudo stings Moraes with some big punches! Now they are brawling and Moraes is engaging him! Cejudo is having great success. Moraes lands a head kick but should stop brawling. Cejudo is turning the tide of this fight with pressure. He’s also using a sneaky jab. Now Moraes is in huge trouble! Big knees in the clinch are killing Moraes and he shoots a takedown! Moraes is in a world of hurt but lands a great head kick. Huge right hand from Moraes as the bell has Cejudo stumbling back to his corner! This round got crazy!

MMAFighting scores the round 10-9 Cejudo (19-19).

Round 3: Moraes’ corner is callign on him to think of his mother and her sacrifices. They may be better served by telling him to quit brawling. Cejudo starts the round aggressive. He’s found a path to victory and he is trying to charge down it. Moraes keeps loading up on head kicks that aren’t landing. Moraes is on his bike muhc more this round. Now Cejudo has the clinch and has backed him up to the fence. Moraes spins out and now he’s back to work on the legs. Those knees from the Thai plum are big weapons for Cejudo. Cejudo pokes Moraes in the eye. There’s a brief break and they are back at it. Moraes throws another head kick and Cejudo counters with a takedown but it doesn’t work. More clinch knees from Cejudo. This fight is now a clinch battle. Cejudo gets a front headlock and is gator rolling Moraes! Moraes is spent and the knees are clearly sapping him of all his strength. Cejudo is dominating this fight now. Moraes gets an armbar briefly but Cejudo shucks it off and is now pounding on him. Huge elbows from the top! Moraes is in survival mode with 45 seconds left. More huge shots and Goddard steps in and stops the fight! Henry Cejudo is your newest champ-champ!

Official result: Henry Cejudo wins via TKO at 4:51 of round 3.

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