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UFC 238 live blog: Jimmie Rivera vs. Petr Yan

Jimmie Rivera faces off with Petr Yan ahead of their bantamweight bout at UFC 238 on Saturday at United Center in Chicago
Esther Lin, MMA Fighting

This is the UFC 238 live blog for Jimmie Rivera vs. Petr Yan, a bantamweight bout at Saturday’s UFC event at United Center in Chicago.

Rivera, who has lost two of his last three fights following a 20-fight win streak, faces Yan, who is 4-0 in the UFC, on the main card.

Check out the UFC 238 live blog below.

Round 1: Yan takes the center of the cage early. Rivera is circling and throwing the occasional low kick but not much action one minute in. Yan is throwing big overhand rights and missing which allows Rivera to clinch up but Rivera has yet to find offense either outside of the low leg kicks. Rivera gets double underhooks and forces Yan up against the cage but the separate quickly. Rivera lands a good uppercut. Rivera is doing a good job of keeping his distance, keeping Yan off balance, and not allowing himself to be cornered. Now Rivera is working the jab and Yan looks a little bit lost in there. Yan changes things up and goes for a single leg but is stuffed. Yan lands a good body kick then goes for a takedown. A scramble ensues where Yan goes for a leg then Rivera ends up with a head lock and now they are at range. Yan drops Rivera with a huge left hook but there are only 10 seconds left! Rivera is covering up and there isn’t enough time for Yan to finish things off.

MMAFighting scores the round 10-9 Yan.

Round 2: Rivera appears to have recovered to start the round but the knockdown has definitely added some pep in Yan’s step. Rivera stings Yan with a good right hand and now he’s starting to feel himself a little more. Rivera hurts Yan with a low leg kick that forces him to change stances and now Yan is in trouble standing. Rivera is targeting the leg aggressively now but he’s also moving less and giving Yan more opportunities to corner him. Yan lands a good left kick to the body, and another. River takes a deep breath. then lands a sharp right hand and a second big right hand. Rivera goes for a reactive double leg that almost works but they scramble back to range. Yan lands an uppercut and River lands a left hook. Rivera lands a good right hand over the top. Yan is backing Rivera up though and lands a massive head kick! Good lord that was incredible but Rivera got in on a single leg and appears to be okay except for a huge cut that open up on Rivera’s nose. Now they are brawling a little more and Yan lands a huge knee to the body and drops River again with a huge uppercut! Rivera is in huge trouble but the bell sounds saving Rivera once again!

MMAFighting scores the round 10-9 for Yan (20-18 Yan).

Round 3: This is been a strange fight. Rivera has won most of the fight Yan has stolen both rounds by almost KOing Rivera with ten seconds left in each round. Rivera’s corner agrees saying that Rivera needs a KO to win.

Rivera comes out with a low leg kick but Yan catches it and counters. Rivera took his coaches’ words to heart though and he is coming forward very aggressively. He shoots a takedown but Yan scrmables out of it. Rivera lands a good right hand to the body and chops the leg again. Rivera is still pressing the action but Yan lands an uppercut that stings Rivera and now he is backing up some. Rivera lands a couple of great hooks to the body and he’s starting to pile up punches. Rivera lands a clean right hand that was easily his best punch of the fight. He just doesn’t seem to have the power to really back Yan off him. Yan lands a good left kick to the body and Rivera has abandoned the leg kicks that have been his best weapon. An eye poke from Rivera pauses the action. After a brief respite, the bout resumes and Rivera is really coming forward with only 90 seconds left. Yan whiffs on a head kick and is backing up and picking his spots. Yan clinches Rivera and drops for a double against the fence. Rivera defends and lands a big uppercut but Yan is unrelenting. With ten seconds left Yan gets a double leg and sneaks to the back before the bell sounds.

MMAFighting scores the round 10-9 Rivera and the fight 29-28 Yan overall.

Official result: Petr Yan wins by unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 30-27).

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