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Cage Warriors president Graham Boylan: Multiple winners at ‘Night of Champions’ could sign for UFC

Dolly Clew, Cage Warriors

Cage Warriors president Graham Boylan doesn’t shy away from his promotion’s legacy of churning out talent for the UFC and the Irish promoter believes that Cage Warriors 106: Night of Champions—which boasts six titles fights—could see multiple victorious fighters signed to the UFC.

Welterweight champion Ross Houston is set to defend his title against former champion Nicolas Dalby in the main event of the card.

The Cage Warriors belt has long been considered the last port of call before UFC. Famously, champions like Conor McGregor, Michael Bisping and Dan Hardy have held Cage Warriors gold before graduating to the world’s biggest MMA stage. Most recently, former bantamweight champion Jack Shore was counted as the 91st fighter to bridge the gap between Cage Warriors and the UFC.

Speaking ahead of the event, Boylan insisted that Cage Warriors embraces its links to the UFC.

“We embrace it,” Boylan told MMAFighting’s Eurobash podcast. “It’s something we know; we know where we fit and we know what happens when guys get those belts. We know we’ve done a good job of guiding guys that are with the organization for the last five or so fights.

“When guys can go in there, win the belt and take the next step, the path is there for them to go all the way to the bigger show, and it’s no secret that the bigger show is the UFC. We feel good about what we do; it’s a legitimate process. We build stars and they go on to become even bigger stars.”

The Cage Warriors president went on to indicate his belief that up to four signings could be made by the UFC depending on the results at the Hammersmith Apollo event on Saturday night.

“I think you could possibly see, in the coming four or five weeks, based off the back of the results on Saturday night, I think you could see [UFC signings] 92, 93, 94 and 95,” he said. “That’s what I feel you could see, because if you look at the divisions that these fights are in and you look at those same divisions in the UFC, I see no reason why a minimum of 92, 93, 9 could be signed in the coming weeks.”

Check out the latest episode of Eurobash. The Graham Boylan interview begins at 1:31:00.

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