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Vince Murdock withdraws from UFC Minneapolis

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Vince Murdock
@vincemurdock, Instagram

Vince Murdock’s UFC debut will have to wait.

The Team Alpha Male featherweight was informed Thursday that he would not be medically cleared to compete at UFC Minneapolis this weekend. Murdock, 28, was scheduled to fight Jordan Griffin on the ESPN preliminary portion of the card, but announced his withdrawal on social media.

According to Murdock, the UFC requires “some more tests” before he is allowed to fight for the promotion. Murdock was stepping in on less than two weeks’ notice for an injured Chas Skelly. In his post, he did not elaborate on any specific red flags that the UFC or commission may have spotted, if any.

With less than 48 hours before fight night, it is unclear if officials will seek out a new opponent to keep Griffin on the card.

See Murdock’s full statement below:

Difficult as it is to say, I must let you know that, I won’t be making the walk this sat. Unfortunately at this time the UFC requires some more test to clear me medically fit to fight. As difficult as it is for me to write this message, I strongly believe with the required test completed in the coming days I will be cleared to fight. I wanna thank my management Iridium Sports with the support of the UFC for the great opportunity and getting me the proper medical attention required to compete and my well being

I apologize to everyone that was looking forward to seeing me make the walk this Saturday, no one is more crushed then I am. I strongly believe this will be resolved soon and I will have another opportunity to make the walk

Again the amount of love and support leading up to this has been overwhelming and can’t thank y’all enough