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Missed Fists: Max Rohskopf plays ‘Name That Submission,’ more

Max Rohskopf earns the tapout with an intricate hold at Final Fight Championship 38 on June 20 in Las Vegas
@Grabaka_Hitman, Twitter

Welcome to the latest edition of Missed Fists where we shine a light on fights from across the globe that may have been overlooked in these hectic times where it seems like there’s an MMA show every other day.

It’s no secret that this is usually a fairly KO-heavy feature, so it’s nice to be able to feature at least a couple of submissions this week. Starting us off, from Final Fight Championship 38 in Las Vegas last Thursday, Max Rohskopf taps Jonathon Morris with a… well, it’s a, uh… kind of… you know what, just watch the clip yourself.

Max Rohskopf vs. Jonathon Morris
David Jordan vs. Caleb Williams

AL: I feel like this is one of those submissions where you don’t know exactly what’s happening to you, but you sure don’t want to stick around long enough to find out.

JM: I’m not entirely sure what elicits the tap here. I think it’s the choke but it’s possibly the sort of ersatz twister Rohskopf has going on. The reason I think it’s the choke though is the direction Morris’s head is turned. Since his head is turned away from his body I don’t think there’s an undue amount of pressure being exerted on Morris’ spine. I could be completely wrong though. Either way, super fun submission.

AL: I don’t think “super fun” is how Morris would describe it.

JM: Speaking of either-or finishing combinations, I’m not sure what did the damage that led to this highlight reel KO.

From this angle It’s not clear if that head kick landed flush and Caleb Williams just had a delayed reaction before collapsing or if the left hook is the real culprit.

AL: ‘Twas definitely the punch in my eyes. They say it’s the shot you don’t see coming that takes you out and Williams definitely didn’t see that David Jordan left hand after the kick connected. You can see a moment of recognition just before the finishing blow is thrown, Williams is like, “Wow. I can’t believe I survived that kick! I better-”


Tiago Ramos vs. Thiago dos Santos

JM: Wanna see something awesome? Check out this sub from Tiago Ramos.

When you first click the link you think it’s the guillotine that’s gonna finish things off. Swerve. It’s actually a side-naked choke with the hand trapped that does it.

AL: Not only that, I thought the guy on top was going to transition into something slick from there, not into his own doom.

JM: I can’t even imagine the squeeze necessary to finish that choke and keep that arm trapped like that. Incredibly impressive stuff.

This finish came from Mega Fighting Championship 2, which took place Saturday in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Full fights are available on the promotion’s Facebook.

Desiree Yanez vs. Paulina Vargas
Cee Jay Hamilton vs. DJ Fuentes

Now you wanna see something awful?



AL: So there’s quite a bit to unpack here.

This took place on the preliminary portion of Combate 40 last Friday in Hidalgo, Texas, and those fights can be seen for free on Facebook. However, that gets you the Spanish commentary. This fight was also featured on the DAZN broadcast, and it’s the English commentary that puts this one over the top.

In the moment, there was confusion over why Paulina Vargas tapped out to Desiree Yanez, and commentator Julianna Pena at first thinks it’s because she twisted her ankle. It’s only much later on the replay that Pena sees the foot dangling unnaturally and she starts to apologize profusely. It’s great. Such a weird injury too because it looked like it might have happened when Yanez landed a nice trip on Vargas, causing Vargas’s leg to briefly get caught under her, but she continued to try and work out of bottom position for about another minute. Yanez then advanced to full mount and started punching, but somewhere before that Vargas’s injury became more pronounced and she did the smart thing and tapped out.

tl;dr: Ew.

JM: In recompense for making you look at that, here’s a barnburner of a scrap between Cee Jay Hamilton and DJ Fuentes also from the Combate card.

AL: This was one of the best fights of a packed weekend. Hamilton and Fuentes spend much of the fight following their game plans, with Fuentes marching forward and Hamilton using his unorthodox strikes and movement to score points. And then in the last few minutes of round three, they just start unloading on each other.

Hamilton ends up winning a split decision and the crowd after entering enemy territory against Texas’s Fuentes.

Cedric Doumbe vs. Alim Nabiev
Hamicha vs. Adam Hadfield

Enough with the submissions and decisions, let’s get to some good ol’ fashioned KOs and where better to look than the Glory ring (show available on UFC Fight Pass).

Last Friday in La Villette, Paris, Cedric Doumbe defended his welterweight title with a thudding series of knockout punches:

JM: While this clip of the KO is visceral and exciting, I have a bone to pick with it. It’s the fact that it starts off with the finishing shots.

Doumbe was putting the wood to Nabiev long before then and, if we’re being honest with ourselves, should never have been put in that position. Check this cut of it:

Buddy is completely out of it and the referee restarts the fight while Nabiev’s back is still turned! Glory out here hiding the very bad reffing that led to the tremendous KO.

AL: Jed Meshew with the hard-hitting journalism!

Of no dispute is this performance by Hamicha. Watch as he does disgusting things to Adam Hadfield’s innards:

JM: Man, props to Hadfield. That kick to the body should’ve been the end of things, especially considering the work Hamicha had done to the body already in the fight. I’m not sure how he managed to get up from that one, but he just proved the point that discretion is the better part of valor because all standing up got him was more bloody stool.

Justin Burlinson vs. Wendle Lewis

AL: We’re throwing in a Bellator clip here because there’s a good chance that nobody had any clue how to watch this past weekend’s show.

That’s Justin Burlinson putting Wendle Lewis down in just nine seconds.

JM: The Bellator prelims have been coming with some quick KOs recently. Good showing from Burlinson who is only 22 years old and already sitting with a 5-0 record. Wouldn’t be surprised to see Bellator give the English welterweight a small regional push.

AL: I feel bad for Lewis here. He got hurt by Burlinson’s hands and then it looks like he was signaling some sort of knee injury as he went down. The referee noticed him verbally submitting right away, but Burlinson was so fast and he managed to sneak a few unnecessary punches in there.

The fight game. It be rough.

Aniela Bogusz vs. Marta Linkiewicz

AL: Let’s end on a happy note, stopping off in Czestochowa to check on Polish MMA’s misfit cousin, Fame MMA. We’ve featured them a couple of times here, recently when a charming lady called “Linkimaster” made her pro debut.

In just her second fight, Linkimaster (real name Marta Linkiewicz) was promoted to main event status, this time against Aniela Bogusz, who was making her pro debut. Bogusz appears to be a model/celebrity better known as “Lil Masti.”

JM: I have no idea what’s going on here but she is definitely some kind of famous. What led me to this conclusion? Come with me on a sleuthing journey.

Clue 1: She was in the main event.

Clue 2: She’s a 0-0 fighter, not even any amateur bouts to her name.

Clue 3: The fight was for the lightweight title. Few organizations have a women’s 155 division and there’s no other explanation for why a 0-0 fighter would get a main event title shot.

AL: Lil Masti has a few music videos on her YouTube, including one that has over three million views.

I think the story here is that she’s a badass ninja girl slicing up what looks to be the Immortals from 300. I’m for it.

Oh, here are highlights from the Linkimaster-Lil Masti fight, starts around the 1:13 mark:

FAME MMA 4: Octagon Highlights

Obejrzyjcie najciekawsze oktagonowe akcje FAME MMA 4 Dziękujemy Wam, że ten wyjątkowy wieczór spędziliście razem z nami!!! Jesteście najlepsi! ❤️

Posted by FAME MMA on Monday, June 24, 2019

JM: All that being said, Khaleesi can fight at least a little bit. She rocks that crucifix position well and I’m all for MMA having more people that make me watch weird European techno-rap videos in the middle of the day.


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