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Patrick Mix calls out James Gallagher for Bellator’s return to Dublin in September

Esther Lin, MMA Fighting

Fresh off a stunning first round submission win over Ricky Bandejas, highly touted bantamweight prospect Patrick Mix is turning his attention to another fighter who has been basking in the spotlight ever since arriving in Bellator.

Irish standout James Gallagher received a significant push from the company after signing with Bellator back in 2016 and he’s remained one of them most promoted fighters on the roster as the organization continues to expand its reach throughout Europe.

Gallagher suffered the first loss of his career last year when he fell to Bandejas by first round knockout but he has since bounced back with two more wins including a unanimous decision victory this past weekend when Bellator visited London, England.

Mix will be the first to admit that he’s not calling out Gallagher because he thinks it will be a tough matchup but rather he’s trying to build his own brand off a guy with a name and not much else in his opinion.

“I would like a matchup with that [James] Gallagher kid. That’s the matchup I’m pushing for. The name is everything,” Mix explained when speaking to MMAFighting.

“I just strangled the guy that knocked him out cold. [Bandejas] didn’t have a problem doing it and I didn’t have a problem strangling Ricky Bandejas. I’m looking at his name. I think they just pushed this kid. I think the whole SBG team gets pushed cause they’re with Conor McGregor. I don’t think any of those kids are tough. I’m on a whole completely different level than them. I want the belt but in the meantime, I want a matchup that helps to raise my stock.”

Before signing with Bellator, Mix was already on the radar as one of the best up and coming talents in the sport while racking up a slew of impressive wins on the regional fight scene.

He then backed up that hype by dispatching Bandejas in just 66 seconds in his debut with the organization.

Mix knows that he’s not going to receive a title shot based on a single win in Bellator, which is why he wants to begin building his name recognition with fans and he can’t think of a better way to do that than by beating another prospect he believes is vastly overrated.

“Just look at our track records. Look who I’ve fought and look who he’s fought,” Mix said. “I’ve fought absolute savages, great guys in this sport and guys who have earned their way. He’s fought absolutely nobody. From Chinzo [Machida] on down, it was guys who were like 5-3 or 6-3, and then he finally got exposed against Bandejas, he got knocked out cold.

“Now he’s back talking his s—t about everybody, just trying to play this modest humble role but he’s just talking more s—t.”

If there’s any doubt regarding Mix’s devotion to making this fight happen, he actually hopes that Bellator not only books him against Gallagher but they put the bantamweight bout on the upcoming card in Dublin, Ireland in September.

“I think they are pushing for a show in Ireland and that’s exactly what I want. I want the biggest fights possible and I want to fight him there,” Mix said. “I’ll fight him anywhere. It’s not going to be long of a fight. He probably doesn’t last one round with me. He has very subpar grappling. He’s very low level on the totem pole. He’s not anywhere near me.

“A matchup like that, I’d like to get some money and get some money soon. I’m trying to get that matchup and get that name on my record.”

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