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‘The Walking Dead’ fan Renato Moicano out to bury ‘The Korean Zombie’ in UFC Greenville main event

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Renato Moicano headlines UFC Greenville against "The Korean Zombie" in June.
Esther Lin, MMA Fighting

Guns, baseball bats and swords are obviously not allowed inside the Octagon, but that won’t stop Renato Moicano from looking at The Walking Dead as an inspiration going into Saturday's UFC Greenville main event with Chan Sung Jung, a.k.a. “The Korean Zombie”.

Set to headline a UFC card for the first time in his career on June 22, Moicano recently shared a fan-made poster on his social media that depicted him punching a zombie in the head, declaring the opening of “zombies hunting season.”

“We’re gonna throw the ‘Zombie’ in a grave. He’ll have no place to run,” Moicano laughed during an interview with MMA Fighting. “You beat a zombie by burying him six-feet under so he never gets back up again.”

Moicano spends a long time at home watching TV, reading books and playing video games in between training sessions in Florida. Most of his “free time” is consumed by him sitting on a couch, actually.

“I was watching a very funny TV series recently, Ash vs. Evil Dead, and I also like watching The Walking Dead,” Moicano said. “It’s cool — and gives me extra motivation [laughs].”

Moicano clarifies, though, that talking about killing zombies is not to be seen as him intending to talk trash at the former featherweight title contender.

“We have to remember that this is also entertaining, that’s what people want to see,” Moicano said. “They want to see me talking about zombies — without being disrespectful, because, to me, martial arts are sacred. To me, martial arts is food for the soul and you have to respect that. If you remove the martial arts aspect of this, it’s just two idiots beating each other up.

“I’ll always be respectful, but add a bit of entertaining to it as well. Win the world without losing your soul. You can’t talk sh*t and not be able to look yourself in the mirror in the end. Play the game, but cause no harm.”

Moicano is looking to rebound from the first knockout loss of his career to former UFC and WEC champion Jose Aldo at UFC Fortaleza, while Jung, who also suffered a TKO defeat to Aldo in the past, returns from competition six months after a “Fight of the Year” loss to Yair Rodriguez.

The Brazilian says he was hoping to face someone ranked higher in the featherweight division despite his loss in Brazil, but approved “The Korean Zombie” as his next foe based on his record of exciting bouts.

“He’s always putting on a show in his fights and is very popular, so I think it was an appropriate fight for me,” Moicano said. “I’d rather fight someone ranked higher, but this matchup interested the UFC and myself, too. I consider Zombie one of the best.”

“I see this fight going many different ways, on the feet and on the ground, and I intend on put on a show and brawl with him in there,” he added. “I’ll be ready to counter everything he does. It’s gonna be a war.”