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James Gallagher confronts Jeremiah Labiano’s ‘coach’ following Bellator London press conference


Following his appearance at Thursday’s Bellator London press conference, James Gallagher confronted a person he believed to be opponent Jeremiah Labiano’s coach, who sat among the gathered press for the media event.

Following the incident, Bellator officials told MMA Fighting that Labiano insisted that the person Gallagher confronted was not his coach, but rather one of his travelling supporters.

At one stage during the press conference, Gallagher took the “coach” to task after he appeared to comment on how the Irishman’s meeting with Labiano would go down.

“Shut your f*cking mouth or I’ll come down there and slap you,” Gallagher said.

“Mate, you sit there and shut your f*cking mouth,” he said, taking aim at him again after a brief back and forth with Labiano. “You’re a’re a coach...let your fighter do his thing. You sit and shut your f*cking mouth. It’s not your job, you coach him, you train him to come and fight and you sit there and you shut your f*cking mouth.”

“I don’t even know those guys,” said Labiano from the dais.

“Mate, you shut your f*cking mouth. I’ve seen you walk around the hotel with him all week. It’s your coach. How unprofessional, your coach is sitting there like a little f*cking fool,” Gallagher replied.

“You’re scared, my coach isn’t even here,” said Labiano.

“Mate, he’s sitting right there in front of me,” Gallagher responded.

“That ain’t my coach,” Labiano reiterated.

“These guys are braindead, I feel sorry for them,” said Gallagher.

“You’ve been on my Instagram all day, you should know who my coach is,” Labiano interrupted.

After Gallagher and Labiano faced off, Gallagher appeared to confront the person he described as Labiano’s coach as he was leaving the room. U.K. publication MMA Crazy managed to capture footage of the confrontation while filming the event.

The on-stage back and forth between Gallagher and Labiano’s supposed coach took place at approximately 32:20 of the official press conference video.

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