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Missed Fists: Brazil’s ‘Little Ronda’ debuts, plus a five-second KO from Road FC, more

Viviane Adne in action against Stephanie “Rondinha” at Federacao Fight X in Nova Lima, Brazil, on June 15, 2019
Rafael Lavo, Federacao Fight

Welcome to the latest edition of Missed Fists where we shine a light on fights from across the globe that may have been overlooked in these hectic times where it seems like there’s an MMA show every other day.

How could we not start off this week with the pro debut of “Rondinha” (which, yes, translates to “Little Ronda”)?

Stephanie Luciano vs. Viviane Adne

AL: According to our own Guilherme Cruz, Stephanie Luciano has apparently been making waves on the amateur scene in Minas Gerais, so this strawweight bout at Federacao Fight X in Nova Lima, Brazil, wasn’t without fanfare.

The whole show can be viewed on the Federacao Fight Facebook page, but here is the ending, where Little Ronda just goes nuts on Viviane Adne for the finish:

JM: There is nothing I love more in MMA than Brazilian fighters who adopt fight nicknames based off of non-Brazilian fighter’s actual names (here’s looking at you Bruno Lobato). Luciano going as Rondinha is beautiful.

Aside from being blonde, the two don’t look terribly similar and they certainly don’t fight the same. Rondinha had three decision wins before this, as opposed to Ronda’s zero over her career. Furthermore, Rondinha can clearly throw hands, something Rousey never quite grasped no matter how hard she shadow-slapped.

AL: I’m not even kidding when I say that Rondinha is probably two fights away from getting a contract and a main card spot from Bellator. And based on how they’ve booked Aaron Pico, she’ll probably get matched up with a 10-2 former Invicta title contender or something.

JM: Nah, Pico’s a special case. I’m pretty sure Aaron Pico bought into the Aaron Pico hype too much and kept asking for bigger spots because Bellator has mostly booked it’s young talent pretty well. He’s the major exception.

But I digress. Rondinha has a long way to go before she becomes anything close to Ronda proper, but she’s off to a solid start and that’s all you can really ask for.

Won Jun Choi vs. In Soo Hwang

There is a legitimate argument that this is the fastest KO in MMA history. The big punch from Won Jun Choi lands at about the one-second mark, and it takes another three seconds before the ref calls it. What an impressive way to lose.

AL: Was that a big punch? Was it? What am I even watching here? Is this MMA? Which is to say, is this the purest form of MMA we’ve ever seen? Why did this happen? Why are we doing this? Why can’t I stop writing in questions?

JM: I’m pretty sure the punch itself wasn’t enormous. But it was compounded ten-fold by the fact that Hwang literally sprinted his chin right onto the punch.

AL: I do love Choi catching Hwang after, almost in a helpful embrace, like, “I got you man, I got you. Sssssh… it’s okay, I got you, man.”

I mean, he then proceeded to punch him very hard in the head a few more times, but still.

Road FC 54 is available for replay on DAZN.

Jeremiah Wells vs. Mumia Abu Dey Ali

Any other week, this next clip might have led things off. Readers may remember Mumia Abu Dey Ali from what was arguably the best fight of 2018, his 31-second war with Mitch Aguiar at LFA 46 last July.

This past Friday at Cage Fury FC 76 (available on UFC Fight Pass) in Bensalem, Pennsylvania, Ali found himself in an even shorter fight, though this time he was on the wrong end of it:

JM: Props to the UFC Fight Pass Social Media Intern because that’s a hell of a caption.

And props to Jeremiah Wells. He was coming off a disappointing decision loss in March and there are few better ways to rebound than a first-round KO like that. At 7-2, that’s the kind of KO that might get you noticed by a bigger promotion.

Krystian Bielski vs. Tomasz Skrzypek

Speaking of bigger promotions, I would be shocked if Krystian Bielski wasn’t picked up by KSW after a performance like this.

AL: Yes, from one of Poland’s other violence merchants, Fight Exclusive Night 25, we have Bielski throwing everything he’s got at Tomasz Skrzypek. And this isn’t like the Rondinha finish above where Bielski is kind of striking indiscriminately. He is landing hard and with precision and Skrzypek is refusing to drop even though it looks like his whole body is telling him to “FALL DOWN!”

JM: Look at how he varies his striking on the hurt Skryzypek. He never throws where Skryzypek is expecting it and it finally gets the job done on a super tough guy.

AL: Eventually, Bielski realized he was fighting an actual zombie and then boom. Head shot.

Reinier de Ridder vs. Gilberto Galvao
Tarik Khbabez vs. Anderson da Silva

Over in Shanghai, China, on Saturday, ONE Championship was holding an event titled Legendary Quest. This submission by Reinier de Ridder might not be legendary, but it should go down as one of the more vicious in recent memory.

It’s really more of a TKO, but that is a nasty way to finish someone, whatever you want to call it. Though Gilbert Galvao is doing his best to recover here, he does nothing to stop the immediate threat of the knees that happen to be aimed directly at his head. Considering how some of those landed, I’m amazed he even had the mental capacity in that moment to tap out and save himself.

JM: That is definitely a KO. He’s holding the headlock down to keep Galvao from being able to move and then just hammers his skull with knees. AND THIS IS WHY WE NEED TO HAVE KNEES TO THE HEADS OF GROUNDED OPPONENTS. It’s a legitimately good offense and it completely changes the dynamics of fighting. Turtling is no longer a safe option as Galvao found out to his detriment.

To all of our benefits, on that same card, the fight of the weekend took place with Tarik Khbabez winning a war with Anderson da Silva.

AL: Anderson “Not That Anderson Silva” da Silva made a less than memorable appearance on the most recent season of The Ultimate Fighter, getting eliminated in the opening round and failing to garner any interest from the UFC after. He’s actually a pretty good kickboxer, with wins over guys like Remy Bonjasky and Igor Jurkovic, so for Khbabez to style on him like this for three rounds is impressive.

Yuniel Dorticos vs. Andrew Tabiti
Mairis Briedis vs. Krzysztof Glowacki

Also impressive were a pair of performances from a boxing show in Riga, Latvia, though for different reasons.

Yuniel Dorticos impressed in more traditional fashion, blasting Andrew Tabiti with a straight right from hell.

Apparently, Dorticos goes by the impressive, albeit confusing nickname of “The KO Doctor.” That’s kind of an oxymoron, isn’t it? Perhaps it’s because he’s surgical with his punches. That’s still weird, help me out here.

JM: Wow. The KO Doctor? When “Doritos” is just sitting there waiting to be taken? I swear one day I’m gonna open up a fighter consulting shop and clean up.

That being said, Doritos was in fact surgical with the right hand. You won’t see a cleaner one anywhere and poor Tabiti was left gasping for air through his vampire-tooth mouth guard.

Shifting gears, wanna see the worst thing ever?

AL: I don’t, but when has anything I’ve said ever discouraged you?

JM: Never. Just like when this referee was planning to stop this fight, despite the bell ringing for half an eternity.

AL: Ah yes. Mairis Briedis vs. Krzysztof Glowacki. Now THIS might have been the fight of the weekend. That sequence there came after this happened:

I mean… that may have been the dirtiest thing I’ve seen all year in any sport.

JM: Which part, the clear and egregious rabbit punch directly to the back of the head, or the back elbow in retaliation?

AL: That rabbit punch was rough, but that Muay Thai elbow? Absolutely disgusting and absolutely on point. That’s using up one of your opponent’s injury stoppages in a lethwei fight.

Mercy me, boxing is lit.

I suppose we have to mention that after all that, Briedis would go on to win by TKO.

So what do say, kids? Always! Cheat!

JM: I mean, if I was getting punched in the back of the head, I’d elbow a fool too. The first rule of fighting is protect yourself at all times. This referee was clearly not protecting anyone so you gotta take matters into your own hands.

AL: Prison rules.

The Call-Up

JM: Finally, let’s end this week on a much happier note. A new section of Missed Fists: The Call-Up, where we celebrate when one of our own has gotten called up to The Show.

This week it was announced that Wellington Turman would be stepping in on short notice to face Karl Roberson at UFC Sacramento. You may remember Wellington for his phenomenal name and even more phenomenal fighting ability, as featured in these hallowed pages just a few months ago.

AL: Here’s what you wrote about Turman back in April after he finished former UFC fighter Marcio Alexandre Jr.

JM: 17 fights at only 22 years old is an incredible clip of combat and running through a UFC vet without any trouble is definitely something to make people stand up and take notice. Given the middleweight division’s thinning ranks with all the guys moving up to 205 recently, I’d be surprised if Turman didn’t get a call from Sean Shelby soon.

You hit the nail on the head here.

JM: Wait, you mean when I said I’d be shocked if he didn’t get the call from Sean Shelby soon? MYSTIC MESHEW IS A STAR-MAKER.

AL: Based on this week’s Contender Series season premiere, I’d say you’re at least a better evaluator of talent than Dana White.

And that’s all the time we have this week, folks!


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    Reinier de Ridder’s submission-by-knees
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