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Bellator 222 live blog: Dillon Danis vs. Max Humphrey

Dillon Danis and Max Humphrey
Dillon Danis and Max Humphrey will clash at Bellator 222 on Friday night.
Esther Lin, MMA Fighting

This is the Bellator 222 live blog for Dillon Danis vs. Max Humphrey, a Bellator catchweight fight at Friday’s Bellator event at Madison Square Garden in New York.

Danis, who is 1-0 in his career, will face Humphrey, who is 3-2-0 overall, on the main card.

Check out the Bellator 222 live blog.

Round 1:
 Danis comes out and takes the center of the cage. He shoots a low single but Humphrey evades easily. His second effort, a double leg, is much more successful and Humphrey is now on his back and against the cage. Danis lands some solid shots, softening Humphrey up so he can put both hooks in. Danis is pounding away with big shots from the back mount and Humphrey is gonna be finished soon. Danis sneaks an arm under the chin while Humphrey is flailing but Humphrey grabs the arm and defends. Danis resumes pounding the huge underdog. Now Danis gets under the next and drops back but Humphrey defends! He still can’t shake Danis but he’s surviving a backpack and that is something. And he almost sneaks out the backdoor! He doesn’t though and Danis gets a choke in again but Humphrey defends and now Danis is attacking the arm from spiderweb. Danis is landing some strong hammerfists while keeping that arm locked up and eventually it opens up and Danis goes belly down, finishing the submission.

Official result: Dillon Danis submits Max Humphrey with an armbar at 4:28 of round one.

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