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Adam Borics on Aaron Pico: ‘I want to show the world who really deserves hype’

Adam Borics
Bellator MMA

Adam Borics may be a 12-0 undefeated prospect, but he doesn’t feel he has been hyped as much as some of the other up-and-comers on Bellator’s books, namely Aaron Pico, the man who he is set to face on Friday night at Madison Square Garden.

Speaking on the latest episode of MMA Fighting’s Eurobash podcast, the surging Hungarian insisted that the world will understand why he deserves far more fanfare after his clash with Pico on the Bellator 222 undercard.

“Maybe he was [the best prospect in MMA], but not now. I’m telling you, I’m the hardest working guy on this planet. Since I’ve moved here, it’s like I’ve been in a training camp, so it’s been nearly two years. I was so happy [when I moved] because at home I couldn’t train like a professional. Since I’ve been here I’ve been training like crazy,” Borics told Eurobash.

“[Pico] has got a lot of hype because he had good results in wrestling and boxing, but I’m upset a little bit because I am unbeaten, I’m 12-0, I’m young and I’m number one in my country and I didn’t get [hyped] like that. I understand it from Pico’s position; if I got all of his hype I wouldn’t be like, ‘I don’t need this, I don’t want to make money!’ But I want to show the world who really deserves hype.”

Many called for a step down in competition for Pico following his KO loss to Henry Corrales, but “The Kid” scoffed at claims that he was an easier task than Pico’s previous counterparts.

“I will be the hardest opponent for him,” he said. “I think Bellator see me as a top opponent for Pico.”

Some pondered why Pico did not use more of his stellar wrestling skills following the loss to Corrales, but Borics expects the American to bring a far more grappling-focused approach when they eventually meet.

“I think he wants to wrestle with me,” Borics said. “Maybe he will try to box too, but I think he wants to wrestle with me. Wrestling is different and MMA is different. For sure, he’s the better wrestler than me, but I’m the better MMA fighter.”

Borics is particularly pleased with the matchup after a previous bout with another highly touted prospect, James Gallagher, was recently cancelled due to a hand injury that the Irishman suffered early last year.

“I really wanted that fight against James Gallagher and I still want to fight against James Gallagher, but maybe he’s scared. He’s coming up in weight again. In June, I think he is competing at a catchweight of 140. He may be trying to move up again, I’m not sure, but he is small. He was in Hungary when I fought and he is so small, man. I’m big for 145, I’m tall and I cut a lot of weight, but he’s just so small—he’s a 135 fighter,” he said.

The unbeaten featherweight also insisted that Pico is a far bigger threat to him than the SBG fighter.

“Aaron Pico, everyone knows that. [Gallagher] is easy money. When he posts things online, everyone [mocks him] and everybody hates him. It gets so bad that sometimes I feel sorry for him.”

Check out the latest episode of Eurobash. The Adam Borics interview begins at 1:08:30.

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