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Donald ‘Cowboy’ Cerrone offers update on his health following TKO loss to Tony Ferguson

Esther Lin, MMA Fighting

Donald “Cowboy” Cerrone was hurt but he was never broken.

The veteran lightweight contender fell to Tony Ferguson this past Saturday night at UFC 238 in Chicago after his eye swelled completely shut between the second and third rounds forcing doctors to put a stop to the contest.

Ferguson has started pouring on the punishment throughout the second round including several shots that left Cerrone with a busted nose.

In between rounds, Cerrone decided to blow his nose to help free up his breathing but that is a cardinal mistake in the fight game as that release will then cause the eyes to swell up and often times shut completely.

That is exactly what happened to Cerrone and after the event ended, UFC president Dana White said that he suffered a broken orbital bone during the battle with Ferguson.

Well it turns out, Cerrone had plenty of swelling that had to go down after the fight but he didn’t break any bones in his face as a result of the fight.

“I’m in good health,” Cerrone wrote on Instagram on Tuesday. “Thanks for all the message and concerns. Only air was in my eye. No broken bones nor cracked or broken orbital.

“Sitting and waiting for the rematch or next fight.”

It’s definitely good news for Cerrone, who never likes to sit on the sidelines for too long without a fight and it appears he’s already champing at the bit for a chance to return.

Immediately after the fight was finished, Ferguson said he was willing to give Cerrone a rematch because he didn’t want to win by doctor’s stoppage anymore than his opponent wanted to lose that way.

White wasn’t ready to commit to anything in regards to Ferguson’s next fight but it looks like Cerrone will be able to fight again sooner rather than later after receiving good news about his injuries from UFC 238.

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