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Ricardo Lamas suffered ‘three fractures in his jaw’ in UFC 238 loss

Esther Lin, MMA Fighting

Losing in his hometown of Chicago wasn’t the only disappointment Ricardo Lamas had to deal with this past weekend.

The perennial featherweight contender was on the wrong end of a brutal knockout on Saturday at UFC 238 after being floored by a 1-2 combo courtesy of Calvin Kattar. According to an update he posted to Instagram on Tuesday, not only did he suffer a fractured jaw, but the doctor refused to include some requested enhancements during surgery.

“Update: I suffered three fractures in my jaw during the fight,” Lamas wrote. “Been in the hospital since and had surgery yesterday. Titanium plates were installed. I asked the doctor to install small laser guns in my mouth that I could activate with my tongue and shoot through my teeth, but he said that was impossible.”

Lamas goes on to thank his family and apologize to his fans in Chicago for the loss. He added that he is expecting a third child in August.

This was Lamas’s third loss in his last four fights.

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