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Alexander Gustafsson vs. Anthony Smith full fight video highlights

Watch Alexander Gustafsson vs. Anthony Smith full fight video highlights from UFC Stockholm’s main event above, courtesy of ESPN.

UFC Stockholm: Gustafsson vs. Smith took place June 1 at the Ericsson Globe in Stockholm, Sweden. Alexander Gustafsson (18-6) battled Anthony Smith (32-14) in the night’s main event, which aired live on ESPN+. Catch more video highlights below.

For more on Gustafsson vs. Smith, check out the play-by-play courtesy of MMA Fighting’s Jose Youngs.

Round 1

Marc Goddard is the third man in the Octagon for this one. With a touch of the gloves both men lock horns in the center of the canvas. Gustafsson circling to the outside as Smith stalks him towards the cage. The crowd is erupting right now. Smith silences them with a hard right, sending Gustafsson sprinting away. Gustafsson working with his back to the cage as he looks for an opening. Smith lunges in with another one-two combination. Gustafsson threatens a handful of kicks, much to the delight of Smith.

Smith tags Gustafsson with a left hook. Gustafsson is still circling away as Smith peppers him with strikes from the outside. Gustafsson pushing forward now with a flurry of jabs as blood trickles from his left leg. Smith swings but misses with an overhand left as Gustafsson ducks under and sprints away. Smith follows up with a left high kick but is met with a counter left jab. Only 30-seconds left now. Gustafsson continuing to work Smith’s lead leg with kicks as the round comes to an end. Gustafsson is visibly shaking his bloody leg as he makes his way back to the corner.

MMAFighting scores it 10-9 Smith

Round 2

A replay between rounds shows a checked leg kick caused the cut on Gustafsson’s leg. The towering swede much more aggressive in Round 2 as he storms with a flurry of strikes. Smith stands his ground and shoves his opponent back with a barrage of hard punches. Smith looked for the haymaker but Gustafsson ducks under without taking any damage. Smith connects with a lead leg kick before missing with another haymaker. Gustafsson responds with a left hook to the body. Smith explodes with a left high kick but Gustafsson absorbs the blow.

Gustafsson ducks in but eats a pair of stiff punches. Smith momentarily looked for the takedown but Gustafsson defends and connects with a short uppercut. Smith rushes in with another flurry, sending Gustafsson into the fence. Smith finishes the attack with a right high kick but Gustafsson just circles away. Smith finds a home for a murderous left hook to the midsection. Gustafsson misses badly with a looping uppercut as the crowd rises to their feet.

MMAFighting scores it 10-9 Smith

Round 3

Gustafsson opens the third frame with a series of leg kicks followed by a pair of left jabs between the eyes. Smith connects with a hard overhand left but Gustafsson responds with a skulling rattling uppercut. Smith smiles and winks as both men continue to batter each other with leg kicks and punches. The crowd is clearly loving the action Gustafsson eat a hurricane of punches against the fence and circles away. Smith finally finds a home for his right high kick.

Gustafsson slaps in a series of leg kicks followed by a front kick to the body. Gustafsson finding his rhythm now as he connects with a left hook to the body followed by pair of lightning quick jabs to the nose. Smith isn’t backing down as Gustafsson hits him with a one-two combination followed by a stunning kick to the liver. With his opponent reeling, Gustafsson rushes in and drags Smith to the canvas. With only 20-seconds left, Smith wraps up Gustafsson but can’t escape a barrage of elbows from the top as the round comes to an end.

MAMFighting scores it 10-9 Gustafsson

Round 4

Gustafsson bouncing around on his feet but can’t escape a fastball of a right hand from Smith. Smith is literally stalking Gustafsson across the canvas as he looks for the finishing blow. Smiling, Smith continues to eat leg kicks. Gustafsson looked for the trip, but Smith reverses, drags his opponent to the canvas and immediately looks for back control.

Smith wraps his legs around Gustafsson but is visibly sliding off as his opponent makes his way back to this feet. Smith adjusts position and forces Gustafsson down to his belly. A few devastating elbows opens up Gustafsson’s defenses, giving Smith the opportunity to sink in the rear-naked choke. With his oxygen supply rapidly closing, Gustafsson is forced to submit.

OFFICIAL SCORECARD: Anthony Smith def. Alexander Gustafsson via submission (rear-naked choke). Round 4, 2:38

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