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Alexander Volkanovski back home in Australia after dealing with bacterial infection

Alexander Volkanovski
Esther Lin, MMA Fighting

It took a little longer than expected, but Alexander Volkanovski is home.

The UFC featherweight contender hardly had time to celebrate his win over two-time world champion Jose Aldo last weekend at UFC 237 as he had to be taken to a hospital in Chile shortly afterwards to deal with a bacterial infection in his leg. Volkanovski provided a video update on his status the following Friday and he announced Monday that he is back home in Australia.

In the post, Volkanovski wrote that he was welcomed by his family upon touching down and being picked up by a limousine.

There was talk of Volkanovski receiving a shot at current featherweight champion Max Holloway should he defeat Aldo, but just days after UFC 237 it was announced that Holloway would be fighting Frankie Edgar at UFC 240 on July 27. That’s a matchup Volkanovski will have a keen interest in should he decide to play the waiting game rather than book another fight.

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