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Anderson Silva not ‘giving up’ or ‘feeling sorry’ for himself after UFC 237 loss

MMA: UFC 237- Cannonier vs Silva
Anderson Silva suffered a knee injury during his co-main event clash with Jared Cannonier.
Jason Silva-USA TODAY Sports

Anderson Silva used a metaphor with lions and hyenas in his first public statement following a UFC 237 loss to Jared Cannonier.

The former UFC middleweight champion lost in the co-main event of Saturday night’s pay-per-view card in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, suffering a right knee injury with seconds left in the clock in the opening round, courtesy of a hard kick thrown by Cannonier.

It’s still unclear the exact injuries Silva suffered in the middleweight fight, and how long the he would be forced out of action, but the 44-year-old Brazilian legend doesn’t sound like someone who’s considering retirement.

Now down to 1-6 and one no contest since 2013, “The Spider” released a statement on his social media that indicates he’s not “giving up” after losing to Cannonier.

”Until the limit, pain is your friend. It shows you’re not dead yet,” Silva wrote in Portuguese. “They say that great symbols become great targets. Maybe. But the most important thing is not to victimize yourself. If you fall, get up. If it’s broken, fix it. No giving up or thinking that you can’t because you lost one battle.

”The saying is, I’m going until the end and the more they pressure me, the more I’ll want to to go until the end. There’s nothing more wild than feeling sorry for yourself. An old lion, surrounded by hungry hyenas, crazy to eat him, and he stills fights until death without ever giving up or feeling sorry for himself. And it won’t be different with me. Strength and honor.”

Silva was given a 180-day medical suspension by the Brazilian MMA Athletic Commission (CABMMA) after Saturday night’s event, pending clearance of his right knee. According to sources, “The Spider” is expected to have MRI on Monday.

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