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Video: Chi-Lewis Parry confronts Jon Jones at expo: ‘You know you’re a d*ckhead’

Chi-Lewis Parry has rekindled his beef with Jon Jones by launching insults in the UFC light heavyweight champion’s direction at a health and fitness event in England.

The verbal altercation took place at the BodyPower health and fitness event in Birmingham, England on Friday afternoon. Jones appeared at the event as an ambassador for nutrition sponsor GAT.

It seems the British heavyweight took exception to Jones being in attendance, and took aim at the controversial champion.

Raptors MMA were on sight at the event and filmed footage of their exchange.

“Hey, homeboy, how much they paying you to pretend to be a nice guy?” began Parry, who shouted questions at Jones as he waited to meet fans.

Jones laughed off the initial comment as Parry declared, “You know you’re a d*ckhead”.

“Everyone knows you’re a d*ckhead,” Parry shouted before security began to usher him away from Jones’ stand.

“Everyone give him a round of applause,” said Jones, clapping his hands.

“You remember last time when you had your brothers? Where are your brothers now?” said Parry as a parting remark.

Parry’s issues with Jones date back to 2016. Parry was drafted into Daniel Cormier’s UFC 197 camp to prepare for Jones. While travelling with “DC” to promote the event, the towering Englishman’s interactions with Jones led him to describe him as “the biggest d*ck on the planet”.

After his initial interactions with Jones, Parry claimed that Jones’ brother approached him and was “talking smack”, as reported by MMA Fighting.

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