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WrestleMania 35 results: Ronda Rousey, Brock Lesnar dethroned


For the second straight year, former UFC bantamweight champion Ronda Rousey stepped into WWE’s squared circle in front of thousands of screaming fans at WrestleMania 35.

Last year, “Rowdy” made her in-ring debut alongside fellow Olympian Kurt Angle as they successfully defeated the team of Triple H and his wife Stephanie McMahon.

This year, however, Rousey made the walk with the WWE Raw Women’s Championship draped on her shoulder. Standing opposite her was WWE Smackdown Champion Charlotte Flair and 2019 women’s Royal Rumble winner Becky Lynch.

This historic moment marked the first time a women’s match headlined WrestleMania.

Ronda made the walk first as the stadium was serenaded by Joan Jett & the Blackhearts.

Rousey immediately began to work over Flair and Lynch as she battered her opponents outside the ring. Lynch eventually broke free as she flung the champion into the ring post, giving Flair an opening to put in some of her own offense.

Former best friends Lynch and Flair began to exchange blows in the center of the ring before Lynch was sent to the canvas after a blow to her injured knee.

Rousey eventually made her way back into the fray as she attacked both women before locking on a hanging armbar over the top rope. However, Lynch broke the hold with a lunging drop kick, but couldn’t escape Flair’s onslaught.

Evading a moonsault, Lynch looked to secure her own submission on Flair but was immediately disputed by Rousey. After hitting a “Natural Selection” on Lynch, Flair tried and failed to secure a pin on both women.

After eating a few “Flair chops,” Rousey screamed the Smackdown champion “chopped like a bitch” before taking an open hand slap to the jaw. Furious, Rousey dropped Flair with a jumping knee.

From here, Lynch finally began working her offense into the match as she dumped Flair onto her head from the top turn buckle. Failing to secure the pin, both women made their way back to their feet before being sent right back down, courtesy of a Rousey’s flying cross body.

Standing tall, Rousey locked on an unorthodox double armbar onto Flair and Lynch. Bad idea as both of her opponent’s lifted her into the air and dropped her onto her skull.

Her hair untamed, Lynch goaded Rousey to attack. Taking advantage of the aggressiveness, Lynch locked on her “Disarmer.” Too bad Rousey had other ideas as she powered out and lifted Lynch above her head. Lynch shifted the hold atop the rope but was eventually pushed off by a returning Flair.

It was now Flair’s turn to get in some offense as she hit Lynch with an astounding “Spanish Fly” from the top rope before going to work on Rousey’s bruised leg in the corner.

Flair looked to secure victory with a “Figure 8” submission on Rousey but was disrupted by Lynch, who had launched herself onto the two women from the top rope.

After catching her breath, Lynch looked to even the odds as she pulled a hidden table from under the ring. Limping to her feet, Flair emerged from behind and tossed Lynch onto the tale. While Lynch tried to vein to halt Flair’s momentum, it was Rousey who broke up the exchange before declaring “tables are for bitches” as she tossed the weapon away.

Flair popped up again with a spear to Lynch’s midsection and a flurry of strikes to Rousey’s skull against the table. Visibly annoyed, Flair looked to end the fight but was sent careening through the table, much to the crowd’s delight.

After a quick staredown, Lynch and Rousey began to wildly exchange in the center of the canvas before Rousey looked to put an end to the match with her “Piper’s Pit” finishing move. Rolling through the move, Lynch trapped the champion’s shoulder on the canvas. Jumping in, the referee hit the three count, giving Lynch the victory and two new titles. A stunned Rousey could only look on in disbelief as she watched Lynch celebrate with the crowd.

Also on the card, fans witnessed former UFC heavyweight champion-turned-WWE Universal Champion Brock Lesnar make the walk through the curtains alongside longtime advocate Paul Heyman.

Booked opposite 2019 Royal Rumble winner Seth Rollins, Lesnar looked to defend his championship in what could potentially be his last WWE match before returning to the UFC.

During least year’s show, Lesnar successfully defended his title with a 16-minute beatdown of Roman Reigns in the night’s main event in New Orleans. While Lesnar eventually dropped the championship later that year, he would go on to recapture the vacant belt when Reigns was forced to relinquish his crown after announcing he facing a battle with leukemia.

Prior to this match, Heyman stormed out to the ring to announce his client would actually kick off the show, in order to catch an early flight to Las Vegas (*wink wink).

Almost immediately after, Rollins made his grand entrance with the phrase “Beast Slayer” emblazoned across the screen behind him.

Wasting no time, Lesnar didn’t even let Rollins enter the ring before he swarmed his opponent with a barrage of violence. After hitting the early F-5 outside of the ring, Lesnar continued to toss Rollins around like a rag doll.

Resembling more of a crash test dummy than a professional wrestler, Rollins writhed in agony as Lesnar flung him across the announcer’s table with ease. After more devastation, Lesnar rolled Rollins into the ring and ordered the referee to ring the bell, signaling the start of the match. Still dazed, Rollins found himself on the receiving end of almost half a dozen suplexes.

But after finally finding an opening, Rollins shoved Lesnar into the referee and hit the low blow, stunning the champion. Taking advantage of the confusion, Rollins connected with a super kick to the skull of before hitting three curb stomps in center of the canvas.

With Heyman screaming ringside, Rollins rolled onto Lesnar for the three count, earning him the victory and WWE Universal Championship.

With this win, Rollins becomes just the sixth man to hold the title since its inception in 2016.

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