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Morning Report: Colby Covington wants to fight Khabib Nurmagomedov, says it would be his ‘easiest fight’

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Esther Lin, MMA Fighting

The past week has been a pretty contentious one for the UFC. In response to Conor McGregor’s retirement, Khabib Nurmagomedov likened him to “a jealous wife” and said he’d be back to the UFC before too long. Conor responded by going way over the top, directly insulting Khabib’s wife and Muslim heritage and then doubling down on it. Things went went so far sideways that Dana White said the UFC would be intervening. So with tensions at an all-time high and the UFC on the verge of having a full-blown culture war on their hands, now seems like the perfect time for known diplomat Colby Covington to insert himself into the conversation.

Speaking recently with Submission Radio, Covington threw out the idea that after he wins the welterweight title from Kamaru Usman, he’d like to fight Nurmagomedov next, as a way of sticking it to Usman and Khabib’s manager - Ali Abdelaziz.

“Yeah, I mean, it’s an easy fight,” Covington said. “And he’s already been asking to fight GSP in between welterweight and lightweight, and I can make in between welterweight and lightweight cause I’m not a big welterweight. So, it’s gonna be more rewarding to smash two of Ali’s biggest clients and just leave him crying, dude. He’s already emotional. You saw how emotional he was at the last fight. So, taking down two of his clients and meal tickets is gonna be a sweet feeling.”

Covington’s beef with Abdelaziz stems to an altercation at a Las Vegas buffet following UFC 235, where Abdelaziz and Usman confronted Covington and the manager tried to swing on the professional fighter. Fortunately for Covington, Abelaziz was “slow as a f*cking turtle” and his “cat-like reflexes” allowed him to escape unharmed. Now though, Covington is seeking vengeance and thinks being the guy to ruin Khabib’s perfect 27-0 record would not only be sweet, it would also be easy.

“Oh man, he would be my easiest challenge,” Covington said. “He’s small and he doesn’t even do what I do as good as I do it. He can’t wrestle as good as me, he’s never faced a high-level Division I All American, a kid who’s been wrestling his whole life. That Sambo sh*t, that sh*t’s weak, man. If wrestling were easy, it would be called Sambo. But it’s not, it’s called wrestling.”

If Covington does get past Usman, it’s not hard to envision him talking his way into a fight with Khabib. After all, Nurmagomedov has already shown he can be goaded by trash talk and Covington is currently “living rent-free” in Usman’s head because of the things he’s said to the welterweight champion. It’s pretty easy to imagine the man who called all Brazilian fans “filthy animals” would be able to say something to make Khabib want to swing at him.


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I have historically given Brendan Schaub a ton of sh*t (with reason) but he is definitely getting much better. His interview with Luke was good. Hand up on that one - I was some kind of wrong.

Thanks for reading and see y’all on Monday.



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