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Liam McGeary shows off ‘cracked’ jaw after Bellator 220 loss

Phil Davis (right) punches Liam McGeary (left) at Bellator 220
Bellator MMA

Liam McGeary’s rematch at Bellator 220 against Phil Davis ended in him tapping out unceremoniously with Davis raining punches down on him, but it’s hard to blame the former light heavyweight champion for submitting given the circumstances.

On Saturday, it was clear that McGeary was injured during the fight and he later confirmed on Instagram that his jaw was broken, providing both an account of the break and an x-ray.

“The jaw cracked in the second round and the tooth went in the third,” McGeary wrote. “Soon as that arm came round and touched my jaw that was enough for me guys! That hurt like a mutha f*cka and you know I can take some shit too!”

This was the second meeting between McGeary and Davis, the first ending in a unanimous decision win for Davis back at Bellator 163 on Nov. 4, 2016. Davis took McGeary’s Bellator title on that night, and though McGeary feels he was more prepared for Davis’s wrestling this time, he conceded that he could have performed better and congratulated Davis on beating him again.

“F*ck it man, I was too worried about the takedowns in the first i was hesitant,” McGeary wrote. “Shit you took me down in the third and I got right back the fuck up! I’ve stepped my game up man, wrestlers dont bother me anymore... just the bloody dentist hahah

“Congrats [Davis] good shit mate, enjoyed throwing down with you man. I’ll see you in the bar for a beer when I get done here.”

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