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Video: Sage Northcutt, Seth Petruzelli featured in unofficial Street Fighter film project

Still of Sage Northcutt from “Street Fighter: Genesis”
Moving Box Studios, YouTube

If you’re making a movie about fighters, you may as well go with the real thing.

That appears to be the route that Moving Box Studios went in casting two of its roles for its unauthorized project Street Fighter: Genesis, based on the long-running Capcom video game series. In the trailer that was released Tuesday, fight fans may recognize two familiar faces: Sage Northcutt and Seth Petruzelli.

Northcutt, a former UFC fighter who is set to make his debut with ONE Championship in May, is playing “Ken”, a character who has been part of the series since the very first Street Fighter game. He can be seen in the clip sporting flaming fists and going toe-to-toe with another character based on the popular “Blanka”.

As for Petruzelli, he is playing the infamous “Sagat”, a one-eyed Muay Thai specialist who has also been a part of the Street Fighter franchise since day one. Petruzelli competed in MMA for 13 years, appearing in such promotions as the UFC, Bellator, and Strikeforce, among others.

The film, written and directed by Joe Zahar, is not officially affiliated with the Street Fighter franchise or Capcom.

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