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Missed Fists: Brad Pickett gets ‘One Punch’ KO in bare-knuckle bout, more

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Brad Pickett gets the knockout win at Bare Knuckle Boxing 16 in London on March 30
@DaveMMAdden, Twitter

Welcome to the latest edition of Missed Fists where we shine a light on fights from across the globe that may have been overlooked in these hectic times where it seems like there’s an MMA show every other day.

Before anyone asks, there won’t be any ONE Championship: A New Era clips in here. You can check out our coverage of that momentous event here complete with links to highlights from the show.

With that out of the way, toss on your favorite trilby hat and let’s give former UFC standout Brad Pickett the warm reception he deserves for his comeback showing at Bare Knuckle Boxing 16 in London this past Saturday.

Brad Pickett vs. Mark Handley
Daniel Lerwell vs. CJ Mills
Ricardo Franco vs. Connor Tierney

JM: Here’s a fun fact: Pickett’s nom de guerre “One Punch” did not come from his knockout power but harkens to Brad Pitt’s character in Snatch and the trilby hat he wore. In fact, Pickett made his bones in MMA predominantly through his grappling (he has a Peruvian necktie sub on his record) and only has one “One Punch” knockout to his name.

Make that two.

Over the weekend, Pickett returned from his retirement in grand fashion, knocking out Mark Handley with one bare knuckled shot. Mickey O’Neil would be proud.

AL: Much like unofficial MMA mascot Artem Lobov (who fights Jason Knight this Saturday at Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship 5), perhaps Pickett has found his home in the bare-knuckle world. Even though he has always been more well-rounded than his nickname suggests, I can’t imagine a better place for him to work his gimmick of grizzled vet/one-hitter-quitter/Guy Ritchie goon. He’s got a lot of good hooks to work with, is what I’m saying.

Speaking of hooks (boom, segue), Daniel Lerwell threw a hells of a lot of them at CJ Mills and they were super effective.

JM: Yeah, “Curly” wasn’t playing around there. He swung for the fences and splattered poor Mills.

I feel like it’s not often we get straight up knockouts in the bare knuckle world. Mostly it seems like the fights are bloody wars with cuts abound. But not this weekend. Aside from these two, the undercard also had a savage KO, arguably the most vicious of the event.

That, my friends, is a dead body.

AL: Connor Tierney probably had the exact line of thinking you just described and he prepared himself for a few rounds of all-out war, not an on-the-button left hook counter from Ricardo Franco that would have dropped a heavyweight.

Bare-knuckle is looking to have some serious staying power and you can check out a replay of this event for yourself on FITE TV PPV.

Derrick Krantz vs. Justin Patterson

AL: Now for a quick stop in Belton, Texas, where Derrick Krantz capped off the LFA 63 main event in style.

Normally, this is the sort of clip I’d label a “He Fell Funny”, but I’m not laughing at what happened to Justin Patterson here. That is straight scary.

JM: I believe that was the nastiest KO of the weekend, and that’s saying something. Patterson hits the floor like he’s trying to break the world limbo record.

Bust down Thotiana!

AL: Damn you for making me have to google this reference.

JM: But isn’t your life so much better for having seen this? And THIS?!?!

AL: It’s certainly better than Patterson’s was in that clip, I can tell you that much.

JM: Some enterprising reader, please put Patterson dropping it like it’s hot to Thotiana and make my day. I’m not smart enough to figure out how to do that.

Cleber Souza vs. Marcus Vinicius
Gabriela Almeida vs. Sarah Filipini

AL: One thing I know you are smart enough to do is explain to us what went wrong with poor Marcus Vinicius’s submission attempt here (from Standout Fighting Tournament 10 in Sao Paulo on Saturday, full event available on the promotion’s YouTube channel):

I think a quick Monday Morning Manalyst (ugh) is in order.

JM: Thank you for using the appropriate name.

AL: Only because you made me.

JM: Unlike that segment where our cowardly colleague breaks down “technique” and “skill,” here at the Monday Morning Manalyst we delve into the important things, like things that are dope and things that are almost dope and then, instead, become dope for all the wrong reasons.

For instance, Vinicius is about halfway to locking up a buggy choke (in actuality, the chances he would have finished it feel infinitesimally small) when he forgets that he’s not rolling with a white belt in the gym and instead there is a grown-ass man who is allowed to hurt him in an effort to not get cartoon subbed. Cleber Souza then proceeds to do just that, Donkey Kong-ing Vinicius into the spirit realm.

Let this be a lesson to you all: when confronted with dire submission peril, the manly way to survive is go full beast mode.

AL: Hard to argue with that analysis, thank you Doctor. And hard to argue with the results as Souza essentially invented a new pro wrestling finisher to end Vinicius.

This next clip requires little explanation: Two 19-year-old amateurs were thrown in the cage and only one made it out intact.

Gabriela Almeida is going to have a hard time find opponents willing to fight her for free after this no-doubt KO of Sarah Filipini.

JM: That is an astonishingly violent KO, especially from a 19-year-old. Fortunately, I have just the opponent for her next bout, one who is guaranteed to bring fireworks.

Marta Linkiewicz vs. Monika Godlewska

“Linkimaster” is ready to take on all comers.

AL: What is this? What am I looking at here? Help me.

JM: It’s Fame MMA 3, a Polish promotion that named this event “Gala Freak Fight” so you know it’s gonna be awesome. Just look at this poster!

AL: I don’t know, looks pretty bland and what in the hell is BODYCHRIST VS MNICH TERMINATOR

You were supposed to help me, not drag me further into whatever forsaken rabbit hole it is that you’ve uncovered this week.

JM: You should know by now that my goal is always to take this thing as far off the rails as decorum and our editors will let me.

AL: I confess, the Linkimaster’s brute force style does have some appeal to it and given the dearth of talent at women’s lightweight, why not, let’s book her against future PFL champ Kayla Harrison next year.

Promo skills already on point:

Marta Linkiewicz zaprasza na swoją walkę

Marta jak zwykle w swoim oryginalnym stylu , zaprasza na walkę. Pamiętajcie! Śledźcie kursy i odbierajcie GRRRUBE BONUSY na LV BET ➡️

Posted by FAME MMA on Thursday, March 28, 2019

Eduard Gafencu vs. Thomas Doeve
Daniel Ghita vs. Petr Vondracek

Now, if we can please move on to something that makes sense: Like people throwing tornado kicks at each other.

JM: HOLY SHHHHHHH!!!1!!! That’s the coolest thing I’ve seen all year. I find it hard to believe that’s not gonna be our Head Kick KO of the Year come December.

AL: Someone needs to tell Eduard Gafencu that these kinds of moves aren’t supposed to land. Not that it will do Thomas Doeve much good at this point, but still.

While Gafencu is on the come-up and obviously one to watch after that, this Colosseum Tournament XI kickboxing event in Bucharest also featured Romanian star Daniel Ghita.

JM: Speaking of things that aren’t supposed to happen, fighters aren’t supposed to take on opponents eight feet taller than them and this is why.

Poor Petr Vondracek was doing his best to overcome the massive size disadvantage, throwing heater combos and putting on the pressure, but in the end the phrase is called “punching up” for a reason as Ghita showed by putting an end to this nonsense like a dad who is play-boxing his kid and then the son gets a little over excited.

Kumando Phetcharoenwi vs. Phonphitak Sor Tor Thanomsi
Pichitchai Sor Chatchai vs. Phetphayathai Sor Nakhongtom

AL: Onto more kickboxing goodness, I know a lot of fans are upset with what’s happening to UFC Fight Pass since so much UFC content will now be exclusively on ESPN+, but there is still plenty to see there including Muay Thai competitions, which are really the epitome of brutality.

Seriously, Justin Gaethje has nothing on these guys. Yeah, I said it!

JM: I will f*cking fight you if you ever disrespect Gaethjesus like that again.

AL: Brought to you by Fight Sports Asia, Absolute Muay Thai: MuayDee Withethai 3 took place in Bangkok, Thailand, on Sunday and it. got. UGLY.

Here’s Kumando Phetcharoenwi shutting Phonphitak Sor Tor Thanomsi down in the main event.

JM: I love how Phonphitak went for a slashing elbow in the middle of all that. Of all the things to do while backed up to the ropes and getting volleyed on, the downward elbow is not the first thing that comes to mind. Perhaps that’s why his spit and consciousness get shotputted into the fifth row just moments later.

AL: Pichitchai Sor Chatchai on the other hand, comes off as a strategic genius in this next clip. If the knee at first does not succeed, then knee knee again:

JM: Oooof. That poor man’s guts. Knees to the body are a special type of ferocious and that man took two back-to-back. It looks like he just curls up and dies right there and that’s totally okay by me. It’s certainly what I’d do in that situation.

David Price vs. Kash Ali

AL: Here’s one from the weird, wild world of boxing that we had to discuss if only because as advocates of cheating, it is also our responsibility to point out when cheating is just straight-up dumb.

With a nod to Bloody Elbow for the context, we present to you Kash Ali making an absolute clown of himself getting disqualified by biting David Price.

JM: You say clown, I saw hero. What do I always say? Cheating is the very best strategy when you’re losing a fight.

AL: Apparently, this happened during a bout that Ali was winning!

JM: And if you’re winning a fight, cheat your ass off anyway...

I have no idea what the hell is going on here. I totally get the cheating thing — biting is among the most effective combat tactics after all — but even I’m at a loss for why you’d bite someone when you are winning. Maybe Price massaged dry rub into his skin in the back so he just smelled delicious?

AL: Wait… so maybe it’s Price who is the cheater here.

JM: It’s the only explanation that makes any sense. I certainly hope Ali protests the outcome. Justice must be served!

AL: We don’t want to end on a sour note, so let’s take a moment to appreciate Bellator veteran David Rickels, who picked up his 15th win at Bellator 219 last Friday in Temecula, Calif., giving him the most victories for the promotion by a non-champion and the third-most victories overall.

More importantly, he rang in the occasion with style:


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