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Video: Angela Magana releases first statement after two-day long coma

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Angela Magana
Esther Lin, MMA Fighting

After waking up from a two-day coma, Angela Magana is grateful for the show of support she received during her ordeal.

Early Tuesday, the Combate Americas fighter lapsed into a coma following an emergency procedure to treat a “rare neurological disorder” identified as cauda equina syndrome. According to her coach who was relaying information via Magana’s Twitter account, Magana suffered a herniated disc in training and when she underwent a nerve block to treat it, that led to her requiring neurological surgery to treat the ensuing disorder.

Magana’s coach also shared several videos that Magana filmed before going under the knife, in which she expressed concern over the administering of the anesthesia. Her fears appeared to be confirmed as she did not immediately regain consciousness following the procedure and it wasn’t until Thursday evening that an update appeared on Magana’s Twitter announcing that she was awake.

On Friday, Magana released a clip providing a further update of her status and thanking everyone who wished her well. The video and statement can be seen below:

“Hi guys, I’m awake. I still feel very tired, like I can barely open my eyes. But thank you everybody for thinking about me. I feel like I’m a very rich woman because I have a lot of time. Well, look what happened. I almost lost all my time. But to take time to wish somebody well, what do we with time? We make money. So time’s more valuable than money.

“Thank you to everybody who took the time to wish me well. I’m going to make a full recovery. The problem was just the anesthesia. The disc procedure and the cauda equina stuff was better than they thought, so the surgery was great, it was just the anesthesia. I’m gonna get better and I’ll be fighting again soon. And Combate Americas has been so good to me, thank you.”

Later, Magana, who appeared on The Ultimate Fighter 20 and fought three times for the UFC, added that when she woke up, she was disoriented and reacted violently, “trying to punch and kick and MMA everyone.”

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