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Morning Report: Paulie Malignaggi on Conor McGregor: ‘Once I put his boy in a coma, he’s gonna want to fight me’

BT Sport Boxing and Ultimate Boxxer Press Conference Photo by Jack Thomas/Getty Images

For the last two years, former world champion boxer Paulie Malignaggi has been beefing with Conor McGregor and the entire SBG Ireland fight team. But with Thursday’s announcement that Malignaggi would be facing Artem Lobov in a bare knuckle boxing match at Bare Knuckle FC in June, “Magic Man” looks to finally have his chance to settle the score, and he couldn’t be more excited.

Speaking recently with Helen Yee, Malignaggi addressed Lobov’s recent win over Jason Knight at Bare Knuckle FC 5 and his upcoming fight against The GOAT, saying he is worried he may actually hurt Lobov, and the reason he hasn’t been making a fuss in the media is because he thought no one would want to see him beat up someone as “pitiful” as Lobov.

“I thought it was an exciting fight, but honestly, it made me wonder how I’m not gonna hurt this guy,” Malignaggi said. “I have to really wonder, I have to really be worried that I’m gonna hurt this guy badly. He’s very, very limited. It was a pitiful, pitiful display. It was exciting, but it was a pitiful display of combat sports ability and skills.

“The reason I was uncharacteristically quiet [afterwards] is because I thought the promotion was definitely ruined. I thought that now people would know just how bad he is, just how limited he is, and no one would want to watch this fight. But thank God for the dumbest fans in the world. Mixed Martial Arts fans always come through, and when I started seeing the comments on social media I thought, ‘Thank God they exist because if not for these people, this fight would not be able to sell.’ Anybody with a brain understands this is a very big mismatch.”

Malignaggi’s beef with Lobov stems from Artem’s friendship with Conor McGregor. McGregor and Malignaggi have been feuding publicly since a dispute during McGregor’s training camp for Floyd Mayweather, where Malignaggi was brought in as a sparring partner. The feud boiled over once again when Malignaggi got in a small physical altercation with Lobov ahead of Bare Knuckle FC 5. That scene prompted McGregor to post 16 photos of his sparring session with Malignaggi, where McGregor allegedly got the better of the action. To Malignaggi, that just proved what he’s been saying all along: that McGregor landed a few lucky punches but mostly got tuned up in sparring, just like Lobov will in June.

“What really made me smile is that after I smacked the sh*t out of his boy Artem a couple weeks ago, Conor was so mad that he just started putting out a bunch of pictures - most of the pictures, the shots weren’t even landing cleanly. . .” Malignaggi said.

“This p*ssy wishes he had a full video that he could release right now. If he a full video of kicking my ass, right now is the moment he would release it, but he couldn’t and it must eat him inside that he doesn’t have that. It must eat him inside that the way I beat on him and talked to him that day, to this day he can’t get over it.

“What’s gonna eat him inside more is when I put his boy in the hospital and he’s gonna be able to do nothing about it. That’s gonna be even more satisfying.”

Satisfying enough that is just may get Malignaggi the fight he’s been chasing. Malignaggi has been pretty open about wanting to box McGregor so they can settle the score, and he thinks putting in work against McGregor’s friend and training partner will help accomplish that mission, assuming McGregor is ready to play ball afterwards.

“Once I put his boy in a coma, he’s gonna want to fight me,” Malignaggi said. “If he’s any kind of man, he would. So once I do that in June, he will want to fight me, but the conversation doesn’t even get initiated unless 12 rounds of sparring, unedited, the way it actually happens, comes out. If it doesn’t, then Conor doesn’t even start the conversation.”

Of course, first Malignaggi has to take care of business against Lobov. But despite having no bare knuckle experience, the former world champion boxer has mountains of boxing experience over Lobov and has no doubt about the outcome. For Malignaggi, the biggest concern here is that Lobov’s corner gets their fight seriously injured.

“If Artem doesn’t have a corner that cares about him, he’s gonna get hurt,” Malignaggi concluded. “He’s gonna get very badly hurt. This is boxing, this is not mixed martial arts. Not to disrespect mixed martial arts but in boxing, people die. People get traumatic brain injuries in one night. This is not mixed martial arts where they’ve had as many traumatic brain injuries since the inception of the sport as boxing gets in one year. This is mainly head strikes and Artem doesn’t know how to defend himself.

“I’m telling you right now, if they don’t pull him out of this fight in the correct way, he’s going to get hurt. He’s going to get permanently hurt. This is actually a very professional fighter against a guy who basically belongs in a tough-man show.”

Malginaggi vs. Lobov is being targeted for June 22 in New Hampshire.


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Thanks for reading, enjoy the fights, and see y’all on Monday.



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